Lin Qiqi does not forget the original heart, popular after a move to EDG fans tears eyes, must send her debut

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Balsam pear original, reproduction will investigate!Bitter melon e-sports – let you experience a different e-sports anchor circle!For LPL fans, the past few years are really happy, I believe old fans have a feeling, that is a dream, after all, for so many years, LPL has been looked down upon by other divisions because there is no CHAMPION of S tournament, but now this situation does not exist, after all, LPL is now recognized as the first division.EDG won the most valuable S race. Great.Anyway, the senor explanation is very moved, finally see the rise of LPL day.The rise of EDG has made many LOL streamers very happy. After all, THE popularity of LOL is back, and this championship is very important.It is worth mentioning that EDG’s victory is also to make a beauty anchor popular, she is tiger teeth beauty anchor Lin Qiqi.It is clear that Lin qiqi’s popularity is really rising because she hosted the 2ND road live broadcast of THE LOL World Championship. After EDG won the championship, her cheering on foot also attracted countless fans. For Lin Qiqi, EDG is really a lucky star.This is not, after the popularity of Lin Qiqi, has always been do not forget the original intention, careful netizens can find that her live camera, there has been EDG champion photos.This move is also let EDG fans very moved, can always let the group photo appeared in their studio, true love, no wonder EDG fans were also to support Lin Qiqi, must send her debut.Very happy, Lin Qiqi is also done, their own strength is really very strong, sweet temper, and Yan Junze open black play LOL, is also live effect pull full.A little pity is that did not see EDG players with Lin Qiqi together open black, feel can plan a wave, after all, fans still want to see, believe that Lin Qiqi has been waiting for this opportunity.Only by staying true to why you started, can you go further.At least on this point, Lin Qiqi did very good, is also looking forward to Lin Qiqi more wonderful future.I am bitter melon, I bring my own salt!(Without oil)