Mountains of waste!The net friend call directly: the old lady rest more don’t work dangerous!

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Recently, Ezhou City, Hubei Province fire rescue detachment echeng brigade set up publicity team, in-depth area of more than 90 special groups home to carry out a series of fire safety investigation and publicity activities.During the visit, fire control propaganda work in property personnel, found a home in the ninety – year – old mother-in-law home debris piled up high, and indoor adopted high-power electric heating, the strip in the home also severely damaged, fire hazard is very outstanding, under the publicist patient persuasion, high mother finally agreed to clean up debris,After several hours of cleaning, gao’s home took on a new look. “I really bother you this time. I will pay great attention to safety when using electricity and fire at home.”Gao Mother-in-law warm heart said.In the activity, the publicity team went door-to-door into the homes of key targets to popularize knowledge about fire and electricity safety in winter and spring, and distributed more than 3,000 copies of “Fire Safety publicity Manual”.Focus on winter and spring heating, electric vehicle charging, the use of natural gas and other content of the “net” door-to-door propaganda training services, through the way of “checking while talking while changing”, special groups of people “face to face” propaganda, “hand in hand” rectification.Further enhance the awareness of fire safety among special groups.(Source: Ezhou Fire Department)