Sampling swabs are non-toxic and safe to use

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Since March, 28 provinces in China have been affected by the new number of local COVID-19 infections.In order to win the battle against the epidemic as soon as possible, many places are racing with the virus, carrying out round after round of nucleic acid tests.More than 8.26 million people in Pudong, Punan and adjacent areas of Shanghai had been screened by nucleic acid tests as of 24:00 On Saturday, as the potential outbreak risk in Shanghai was a race against time.In all pulling resistance to disease, and actively cooperate with traffic control, detection, a rumor spread in the circle group, the effect is “when sampling reagent use cotton swabs, toxic, even have a net friend said home after the old man saw rumors related don’t want to go to the nucleic acid screening, also let the young players also try not to for nucleic acid detection and antigen detection.What exactly are the cotton swabs used for nucleic acid and antigen tests made of?Is there any reagent on it?Is it really poisonous?Rumors when sampling of nucleic acid detection and antigen detection in cotton swabs are mainly two forms nose swabs and swabs, pharyngeal swab generally 15 cm long, nasal swabs of smaller 6 — 8 cm, antigen detection kit production enterprises, grain, head of the medical science and technology (Shanghai) co., LTD. Tang rong, we see sample with cotton swabs and our daily use of degreased cotton swabs are not the same thing,It should not be called a “cotton swab” it should be called a “sampling swab” and is mainly made of nylon staple wool tips and medical-grade ABS plastic rods.Millions of nylon microfibers are vertically and uniformly attached to the handle by a spray and electrostatic flocking method.Flocking processing process will not produce toxic substances, flocking method makes nylon fiber bundles form capillary effect, is conducive to liquid samples like strong hydraulic absorption.Compared to traditional wound fiber swabs, flocking swabs can keep microbial samples on the surface of the fiber, quickly elute 95% of the original sample ##_FORMAT_GT_## and easily improve the sensitivity of the test.Tang rong said that the swabs are produced for the purpose of sampling. They do not contain any immersion reagents, and do not need to contain reagents. They are only used to scrape cell and virus samples into the virus inactivated preservation solution for nucleic acid testing.Shanghai citizens who have experienced “containment screening” and “family stabbing” have also experienced the sampling and swab testing process:The inspector then holds a sampling tube in his left hand and inserts the “cotton swab” into the tube with his right hand. With a little force, the head of the “cotton swab” is broken off into the tube and sealed. The long “cotton swab” rod is discarded into a yellow medical waste bin.When using the antigen detection kit, after sampling, the sample swab should be rotated and mixed in the preservation solution for at least 30 seconds, and then the swab head should be squeezed by hand across the outer wall of the sample tube for at least 5 seconds to complete the elution of the sample.So why do some people experience mild sore throat, nausea and other symptoms after being tested?Tang said it had nothing to do with swab collection.It may be due to individual differences, some people are more sensitive in the throat, or it may be caused by the operation of the detection personnel. The collection will be relieved soon after stopping, and will not cause harm to the body.In addition, sampling swab belongs to disposable sampler, is a kind of medical device products, according to the national regulations, not only production must be recorded, but also has strict production environment requirements and quality supervision standards, qualified products must be non-toxic.The “disposable sampler” is a generic product in the medical field, which can sample different parts and also be used in different detection behaviors. It is not specifically produced for nucleic acid detection or antigen detection.Therefore, no matter from the material, production, processing, inspection process, sampling swab has strict standards, to ensure that it is non-toxic, safe to use.Nucleic acid testing is an important means to stop the spread of the epidemic.When scattered and multiple cases occur at multiple community levels, large-scale nucleic acid screening should be carried out for multiple times.Shanghai is now in the most critical stage of epidemic prevention and control.Do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, let us concentric guard “Hu”, adhere to will win!(dream)