Artificial turf site construction technology

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Artificial turf is rich in varieties, the length is adjustable, and the construction is convenient, can be laid in asphalt, cement sites.The laying notes are as follows: before pasting, ensure that the surface of the joint cloth and the bottom of the lawn is clean and dry without moisture. It is not suitable for construction under humid rain and snow and other bad weather. The ambient temperature should be between 0-40℃ for construction, otherwise it will lead to the phenomenon of weak bonding.Artificial turf field construction technology of man-made lawn venue construction steps are as follows: a, coating glue: at the bottom of the requirements on the lawn with the brush besmear to brush, bao hou uniform irreversible glue, otherwise foaming phenomenon, even fell, strictly control the thickness of the glue, pay attention to glue to the appropriate speed, apply the glue two bonding surface.According to the temperature, humidity and other conditions at that time, reasonable control of the drying time, generally with good glue 10-15 minutes is appropriate, glue slurry reached 89 percent dry to hand touch is not sticky.When bonding, it is required to align and stick firmly at one time.Never move the bonded object after bonding.Artificial lawn site construction process two, pressure curing: after bonding, remove the surface debris, with a special rubber hammer from the bonding point to both sides of the hammer, so that the surface fully bonding compaction more firmly.The curing time is generally three days, and the final strength is generally ten days.Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to its maintenance during curing to avoid excessive exposure, water invasion and movement, in order to achieve the best bonding state.Artificial lawn site construction process three, cut rest: after bonding before filling quartz sand and rubber particles, the site cut debris for cleaning treatment.Picture 4. Fill quartz sand: after the lawn is pasted and healed, it is necessary to fix the grass seedlings with special quartz sand, so that the grass seedlings do not fall, fill the sand to the remaining height of the grass seedlings within 10mm, spread rubber particles on the surface of the grass seedlings, spread evenly, and do not pour the sand with edges and corners between the grass seedlings to prevent athletes from being hurt.Five, inspection and acceptance: after the above steps, the lawn laying is basically finished.Finally, the whole lawn needs to be checked and accepted. If any problem is found, it should be reported and corrected in time.