Breaking news: The U.S. deputy ambassador to Russia has been expelled, and it looks like Russia is getting serious about the United States

2022-07-23 0 By

The Ukraine crisis provoked by the United States has not only provided an opportunity for American interest groups to take advantage of the crisis to make huge profits, but also created an opportunity for Russia to put an end to NATO’s eastward expansion.To this end, Russia has submitted a list of security guarantees to the United States and NATO, including a western commitment to halt NATO expansion.Written responses from the United States and NATO have left Moscow dissatisfied and reacting strongly.Us Deputy Ambassador to Russia Alexander Gorman has been expelled from the country, the US Embassy in Russia said Thursday, Global Times reported.Later, the US embassy in Russia said it would respond.Around the same time Gorman’s expulsion was announced, U.S. Ambassador To Russia John Sullivan entered the Russian Foreign Ministry and left about 15 minutes later.Sources say Sullivan may be asked to pass on Russia’s response to security assurances to the U.S. government, but he has not made any comments to the media.The list of issues, submitted by Russia in December, has not been properly addressed because the United States has failed to provide a satisfactory response to the list.So the Russian Foreign Ministry warned the US that it would be “forced to respond” if the US failed to meet its demands for security guarantees.In 17, on the same day, Russian foreign minister sergei lavrov in met with visiting Italian foreign minister about when dima, also made similar remarks: Russia must let everyone know what is happening, must also be previously unable to reach agreement on some issues, including NATO’s eastward expansion and deploying it’s army is not in the eastern and central Europe and offensive weapons, and so on.It was no coincidence that Mr Gorman was expelled after the warning, but rather a response to Russian frustration that the us was ignoring security requirements.Russia apparently wanted to expel the deputy AMBASSADOR as a way to force the Biden administration to get serious about security assurances.The United States had hoped to provoke a crisis in Ukraine that would force Russia to withdraw its list of safeguards.Facts have proved that in the course of the Ukraine crisis, the United States has changed from the original initiative to the current passive situation.At the very least, the US is in effect increasingly isolated over Ukraine, as a growing number of European countries move closer to easing tensions with Russia.From the hysterical performance of the United States in the Ukraine crisis, it shows that its policy towards Russia has reached the point of exhaustion.Otherwise, the United States would not be hyping up mindless stories about a Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 15.After all, as the 15th day passed, Russia and Ukraine did not come to war as the US “predicted”, and the CREDIBILITY of the US government was once again ruined in the international community due to nonsense.The US treats its European Allies as fools, believing that europeans must foolishly accept as “truth” the lies unleashed by US politicians and media to lower human intelligence.But it turns out that the Allies whom the Americans thought were fools were actually smarter and more rational than the Americans.The EU, at least, has not followed America’s lead in closing its embassy in Ukraine, much less in its opposition to supplying arms.Thus, the United States has done its best to convince the world that Russia and Ukraine are about to come to war, through its showmanship over Ukraine.But for all the American hysteria, its European Allies are unwilling to continue to be led by the nose.Instead, key Allies, including Germany, France and Italy, have visited Russia to actively seek ways to ease tensions in Europe.The crisis in Ukraine, hyped by the US, has turned against its European Allies.It is clear that the US wants war with Ukraine, but the EU cannot afford it, and the resulting differences between the two sides will make it impossible to unite US and European policy towards Russia.This undoubtedly creates an opportunity for Russia to take a tougher stance against the United States on security guarantees.Russia’s expulsion of American diplomats at this point is unlikely to elicit much reaction from the European Union.For, in a sense, the US, bent on creating tension in Europe, is already a “common enemy”.Against this backdrop, it may be easier than ever for Russia to press the United States to compromise.