Australia’s National Day parade turned into national humiliation?

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January 26, 1788, is Australia’s National Day, and every year since then australians have celebrated it with song and dance.But on this day in 2018, more than 40,000 marchers took to the streets of Sydney.They held up aboriginal flags and called loudly for the day’s celebration to be abolished.”Today is not a National Day, but a day of national humiliation,” they chanted.And held a memorial ceremony in the square.More than 230 years later, a celebration turns into mourning.Why is that?Fast forward to January 26, 1788, when the First Colonial Fleet of the British Royal Navy landed at Port Jackson on Australia’s east coast.Captain Arthur, the naval commander, thrust the English into the soil and declared the beginning of an English settlement in Australia.Since then, the day has been declared Australia’s National Day and Port Jackson has been renamed Sydney Harbour.But for Australia’s indigenous people, it became a day of reckoning.About 500 aboriginal tribes, 300, 000 aborigines, after half a century of slaughter and persecution by the British, just over 70, 000 remain.Such blood and tears make people who understand history look askance.Like the United States, the Original reason for British colonization of Australia was to transport criminals.Throughout the 18th century, because of the capitalist enclosure movement and the industrial revolution, The British society fell into a serious situation of polarization between rich and poor and class opposition.Poverty has caused a series of social problems, the crime rate in Britain has risen sharply, and there was a situation that the prison “can not meet the demand”.To ease the pressure, the home secretary wants to turn Australia into a criminal asylum.The proposal finally passed without a hitch.The first Colonial fleet, led by Arthur, landed on Australian soil.A bloodbath ensued…The colonial expansion of the Empire on Which the Sun never sets in Australia was also a process of blood and tears suffered by the original residents.Their National Day, my disaster.For the first time in more than 230 years, Australian residents raised flags to oppose making the day a National Day.Therefore, behind the development of human civilization is a combination of hope and ambition, prosperity and blood and tears.My dear friends, what do you think?Leave a comment and like below.