B: It’s back again

2022-07-24 0 By

A 2017 produced by manul culture, and the illusion of tintin directors suspense micro drama “no different, dictionary in station B once aired, instantly impressed the audience attention, change the domestic film and television play impetuous follow general type style, this small cost micro sketch excellent work become the mini wonderful tale in the world.Diversity story “drawing” : the hero in the painting, the cabinet next to the sudden sound……He walked slowly to the cabinet and opened the door. There was an apple in the cabinet, just like the apple he had drawn…He took up his drawing book and ventured to draw some cash. He was not disappointed. As much as he drew, there was money in the cupboard…He had a new idea, to paint a woman.He was drawing the girl of his dreams very carefully. A knock on the door interrupted his painting. When he came to his senses…There was a creak in the cupboard, and his “dream girl” was only half painted…Story leaflet: On his way to work, he picked up a leaflet: give it to another person in two hours, or else…He thought it was a boring prank, a throw into the trash can, unexpectedly, the leaflet followed him back to the company: within an hour, to another person, otherwise, leaving him little time……Pick at will a few come out, can let you accept from pore to the heart of a trembling feeling full of baptism, fresh feeling burst!Story “cleanliness” : I am a cleanliness of the people, today friends came to play at home, I want to clean the room spotless!Damn it, I’ve got ink stains on my arms, I can’t get them off…So, I did it this way…The list goes on and on, with stories like this one that are short, concise, yet thought-provoking, and memorable.Now, the third part of this god, again log in B station, interested partners, quickly pay attention to B station Busiyi theater, personally explore the imagination god play to bring your soul experience!