Shepherd 1800 yuan 3 years to sell 3 roast sheep back in those days, a week more than 1000 customers order, feasible

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Goats for some mountainous countryside is definitely a very lucrative industry, a person can take care of sheep, grazing without artificial mowing the lawn, only in the evening of the day to add a material, usually a ewes can produce two times a year, each 1-4, 9 normal ewes can gain a year around 45 lamb, lamb seemingly rural income is very high,Make many friends have enchanted, goats found very hard, not only after a year down and found that make a hard money, until I saw a shepherd, opened a farmhouse, customers spend 1800 yuan, he points three years to three sheep, customers can choose to organic baked, also can send home a week drew more than 1000 customers to order, debt collection, 1.8 million,Do you think this plan will work?For breeding, raising out have to think about sell, cycle, after all, long investment costs will be higher and higher, can advance booking implementation farmers and customer win-win situation, no doubt is a good strategy, the shepherd did so, because food safety is becoming more and more attention, “lamb” events emerge in endlessly,The shepherd’s genius lies in his combination of lamb and barbecue. His farm is open to customers, and all kinds of entertainment activities are held regularly every week. Roast whole sheep is a major feature of his farmhouse.Domestic bake complete sheep can form characteristic must carry yongjia county in wenzhou, zhejiang province, “a fantastic family” is a deep mountain delicacies of the ancient village, and it is unique in the traditional architectural style is different, and jiangsu building adopts the diaojiao building style of the ethnic minorities, the coke in soft, bake complete sheep oil and not greasy, bake complete sheep to make a turnover of more than one hundred million yuan, the whole villageThe whole lamb is roasted from local goats and the charcoal fire in the stove is made by the villagers themselves.Shepherd Jin Chunyou are locals, leave the village when I was young migrant workers, is engaged in the chef industry, struggle is already a star hotel chef for many years, with the state advocates the development of rural tourism, his village close to the granite stone issue scenic spot, visitors often night at the door, taste the local farmhouse, most of the villagers in villages around the local goat breed, Jin Chunyou take a fancy to the business opportunities,He gave up going out to work, borrowed 200,000 yuan from the local credit union, rebuilt his five earthen houses, and started the characteristic farmhouse music of “Roast whole sheep”.Jin Chunyou the village has a lot of little Aries room, alive is very cute, after a lot of tourists to see what is love, why would little Aries as ingredients, see after steaming bake complete sheep end on the table, the aroma is not big eat, just forget what he just said, bake complete sheep must strike to eat, heat, eat out the smell of mutton,A roast whole lamb is left with bones in less than 10 minutes. The price of a roast whole lamb is between 600 yuan and 1000 yuan, and the average consumption per table is over 1000 yuan. So what is the significance of Jin Chunyou asking customers to spend 1800 yuan to order a roast whole lamb in 3 years?Jin Chunyou goal is very simple, is to realize the rapid return of funds, activity once the release order would attract more than 1000 visitors a week, 1.8 million money back you said sweet not sweet, give yourself a week seeds accumulated more than 1000 members, it makes him a year to sell 10000 sheep is not a problem, consumers not only eat delicious whole lamb,Also economic benefits why not, each netizen thinks this kind of rich idea how?If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comments section. If you like this article, click a “like” and follow me.