Tai ‘an No. 1 Middle School held a retirement ceremony for senior teachers

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Three feet platform, dedication without regret;A blackboard, a lifetime of glory.In order to express their respect and gratitude to retired teachers and encourage young teachers to inherit their predecessors’ educational feelings, Taian No.1 Middle School held an honorary retirement ceremony for cheng Tao, Hua Xiguang, Li Lun, Wang Renfu, Chen Qinggang, Lv Xuewen, Liu Hanlan, Miao Huigang and other eight old teachers in the office building meeting room.All members of the school leadership team participate in the activity.The leaders of the school spoke highly of the old teachers’ character, ethics and achievements.Teachers in the decades of teaching career, constantly improve their political consciousness and professional quality, wuxi, teaching, guide students with good ethics and rich experience strive forward, help young teachers’ professional growth, one hundred in taian a inheritance, strong spanning development, the construction of school school offer his own talents and efforts.”Mo Sang Yu late, xia is still all over the sky.”On the occasion of parting, all the old teachers feel a lot of emotion, and sincerely thank the leadership and colleagues for their care for many years. Although I left my job, I will continue to be strict with myself in my later life. I will not retreat from my retirement, and I will always retain the true colors of my original heart and continue to give full play to my spare heat for the better development of the school.School leaders on behalf of all the staff to the old teachers to express sincere thanks and good wishes, and awarded to them the certificate of honor.Tai ‘an Radio and TELEVISION Station Tai ‘an Voice · Rong Media Center Source: Tai ‘an No.1 Middle School Editor: Gao Ying Review: Zhang Dongmei