What kind of house does the client require the inspector to stay for 24 hours first?

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Last year, there was a news story about a judge trying to sleep in a murder house.A client followed suit and asked me to stay in the house for a full 24 hours, a day and a night, in addition to the standard inspection work, for a different pay.To be honest, I was tempted, but I turned it down because I was too timid.However, the curiosity of this house is still great, so I went to understand the story of this house.As a matter of fact, we also have our own “special housing record book”, most of which are murder cases, commonly known as “murder house”, and other special events, including legal auction, and all kinds of events that have been in the news but not in the news but may affect the value and quality of the house in various aspects, with the longest span of 30 years.That client said that the house is also an old house, is now the school district house.Because the house is too old, the client originally intended to buy it just for his children to go to school, but he usually lives in it.But near the signing of the time (has made the deposit), heard that the policy has changed, if you want to use school status must actually live here for a few years, so have to take into account the actual living in the house at the same time.The client’s family are more concerned about the story of the past, and saw the online news that the judge also spent the night in the house for selling the murder law, so they want others to help them “verify” something or nothing.What was the story that made the family so nervous?Stories from the master of the house jian-zhong wang (a pseudonym), jian-zhong wang was born in city, poor home, children, growth in the special s, a red heart toward the sun, has become the workshop workers after back to town, and janet wang in the shop workers (a pseudonym) together, married and gave birth to a daughter, daughter just in elementary school, the factory has room to room, there is room to room,The couple gritted their teeth and borrowed some money to buy it.Bid farewell to the three people eat and drink, pull, scatter and sleep in a ten square meter house life, live in the building.By the end of the 1990s, wang Jianzhong and Wang Lijuan were both laid off from the factory and bought out their seniority, earning tens of thousands of yuan.The child is in junior high school, Wang Lijuan hopes to give her daughter a good life, so that she can continue to attend extracurricular classes like her classmates, not like them, so she started a small business, go to the market to buy goods and then set up stalls, while making some snacks and sweets to sell in the stalls, can barely support life.Wang, by contrast, is in a slump.Wang Lijuan let him help booth, he did not go, he said he completely think impotence, oneself for the country to do half a lifetime contribution, a heart to the sun, let go where go where, how finally got this end?Beyond thinking, he had a drinking habit before, evolved into an alcoholic, three meals a day three meals a day, almost no sober time.Terrible is the subsequent beating, if the daughter to intervene, even the daughter was beaten, Wang Lijuan in order to protect her daughter, will be beaten more severe, even if the neighbors upstairs and downstairs to clap the door to intervene, can not stop, the police may come for a while, but still the same after leaving.One day, Wang lijuan walked into the police station and volunteered to tell the policeman on duty: “I killed someone.”When the police came in, they found Wang dead on the bed in his bedroom with strangulation marks around his neck and a leather belt lying nearby.Autopsy results showed high levels of alcohol, and the cause of death was asphyxiation, and the belt was the murder weapon.Wang lijuan said she strangled her husband when he was drunk and unconscious.And then there’s the normal prosecution and sentencing.At this point, everyone thought the dust was settled.But on the day wang was sentenced to death, her daughter, who was in junior high school, was found dead at home.Children left a suicide note, wrote to his father’s hatred, as well as to the mother’s, she can’t stand his father and mother to oneself of the beat and scold for a long time, so when he was drunk to sleep with his belt for bringing up his neck, until his father not breathing, happened to mother left home, saw this scene, in order to protect her daughter, so he should.In the letter, she also expressed her perplexity to her father and apologized to her mother, because she knew very well that the short peace was gained by her mother’s sacrifice, and she could not cherish it, not because she did not want to, but because she had no strength.Wang eventually commuted her suspended death sentence and has not been heard from since.Things in the world are not necessarily done by “people”, but they must be told by “people” and recorded by “people”.No matter how covered up or fabricated, what happened will never change, and the truth should be recorded and spread.There is nothing new under the sun, you and I could be the protagonist of the story.That’s all for today’s story.