Barron: Trump’s oldest son, 14 years old, 1.9 meters tall, born with a million dollars in his mouth

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His height is 1.9 meters, appearance level is the human ceiling, was born to attract the attention of the American media, and later was crowned the title of hundreds of millions of baby, the reason why there is such an honorary title, of course, because he has a super dad, in addition to the stars in the sky, anxious to hold the whole world in front of him.For example, when he said he liked to play football, his super dad invited the entire national team to be his coach. In order to protect his safety, he hired dozens of bodyguards, all of them secret service level, plus heavy machine guns.For example, he wanted to have friends to play with him, but because of his status and inconvenient, so his father chartered a plane to bring his classmates to the White House to accompany him.Or he likes to play golf, but in his own mansion, because what?Barron Trump, the son of former PRESIDENT Donald Trump, is the first son of the United States.So why, of all his children, does Trump dote on Barron?How happy was his life?Let’s take a look.Barron Trump, the youngest son of former PRESIDENT Donald Trump, was born in 2006. As The son of Donald Trump, he was destined to be not ordinary at birth. After all, in addition to being the President of the United States, his family is extremely rich, and his family’s appearance level is generally high.Born into a family like this, I have to say, Barron’s reincarnation skills are among the best!While Barron’s father is known to be a megalomaniac, both in the US and around the world, so is his mother, Melania Trump, trump’s third wife, who is 24 years his junior.Trump of married three wives, all is the fairy appearance level, and one of the best in all parts of the United States a supermodel, have to say trump is a winner in life, not only the wife looks beautiful, the children’s level is playing god in appearance, the former first daughter ivanka alone attracted the attention of many people, nowadays, barron as trump old son,Its appearance level and the limelight even higher than beautiful beautiful sister Ivanka, born is the most popular, the most eye-catching upper class son.As trump old son, is being held in mind sharp, in addition to trump super love he, his mother is worse, very anxious to put whole son, wear to the best, eat not to mention, in barron also hours, baby stroller is pure gold, protect children’s skin must use caviar, ordinary people can’t afford a bottle of this stuff,She was smeared all over the body, is really inhumanity!In addition to these, the toys are much more advanced than ordinary children, for example, boys like cars, Melania organized a whole floor, all kinds of cars, and all the imitation toys with animals and so on.Of course, this is just to give the children proper entertainment, American upper class people value education most, as a super-rich family, Barron is no exception, he received the highest elite education in the United States from a young age, once attended the oldest school in the United States.From everything barron although spoiled in the day, but he and general rich childe completely different, not only have language talent very much, and are also top grades, absolutely outstanding student, super handsome and sunny, with the appearance of expensive gas and an extremely smart head, known as millions of baby a little too much.With early maturity, faced with such excellent and high level, the son of appearance, trump nature is proud and proud, so he is also the most like the younger son, almost all important occasions, he will take barron to, at this point, when the other children are playing mud, barron has can talk freely and higher-ups.For such a baby, nature is the key to develop a target trump, favoring him completely, for example, barron half-brother tiffany, two elder sister, she is the whole family education of the highest one, however, barron $200000 a month compared with the cost of living, she was only half brother, which is one hundred thousand yuan, thus trump really eccentric in balance.Supported by a wealthy father and a supermodel mother, Baron has lived happily ever after like a real prince, but is that really the case?Barron has not yet been born, trump is a businessman, although as rich, but not as “famous in the world”, then he doesn’t care is also mother’s belly barron, and female star entanglements, even until the barron after birth, 60, a trump father suddenly, crazy output all of his father.He put barron’s residence of trump tower three layer above the 66th floor penthouse, house decoration glittering, including all the furniture plate, chandeliers, vases, 24 k gold, also didn’t pass, even the wall is covered with gold in the three layers all belong to the scope of activities of baron, he can look down at the New York,Enjoy the food prepared by the five star chef and even play golf at home!Donald Trump delighted his son by inviting the former England captain and other players to his house to practise with him, something that would have been unthinkable for a teenager but barron managed to do without a struggle.If the team please go home is a trump to barron’s love, then it is expressed his son very love, although very big love daughter ivanka trump, but about the son of love really is, in order to bo he smile, trump even the White House did not pass, let barron directly at the White House, a party,Trump would have picked the moon for Barron to kick if he could.Seeing Trump’s high-profile display of his paternal love, The American public is particularly puzzled. Of all the children he has, why does he prefer Barron?Actually, you can see the royal family, or head, other countries such as Britain, Spain, even we said yesterday that the to Cambodia, the royal family of leaders to attend the activities, like with children, this is because the children have a natural affinity, weakening of absolute power attack, trump is very clear that, as a result,Barron was undoubtedly loved as a tool.In the early days of Trump’s presidency, his popularity among the public was not high, so he planned to follow the example of other countries’ royal families and take their children abroad. Unexpectedly, Barron instantly became the favorite of American celebrities, which boosted his father’s approval rating by dozens of points.At this point, scratching the trump to attend the scene will bring barron, large and small, for example, success as President, he passionately issued a “win” speech on the stage, and the balance in the audience could hardly keep my eyes open, on the inauguration of trump, everyone applauded for him, barron only just fallen asleep, this scene was filmed.But Barron is still the cutest number one.On the one hand, Trump’s love for barron is mixed with too many interests. On the other hand, He is a businessman and busy with his official duties. Barron can only see his father when he needs to show affection for the president.Another aspect is to balance and several elder brother elder sister age is far, and half-brother and affection, the lack of normal family warm atmosphere, so many people see barron unsmiling face, doubt he has a tendency to autism, in fact, the real but his lack of concern and the performance of the father, and the media and the attention to him,It’s just his good looks.Compared with other brother elder sister, the barron is cheated, not to say the elder sister ivanka, occupy too much a father, and is also a trump value most children, even the other brothers and sisters also occupies an important position because of the father, and barron want to gain the trust of the trump, in large a share of family enterprises, and can only continue to please this is known as the father of the man.However, for ordinary people, it is hoped that this lovely, handsome big boy can always be so elegant, carefree grow up.