Football association rare voice statement, Chen Xuyuan dismissed the mystery opened, fans are very surprised

2022-07-25 0 By

After the Chinese men’s football team failed to qualify for the World Cup, it finished second to last and was completely eliminated.Chen Xuyuan, president of the Chinese football Association, came in for a lot of criticism after the team’s poor results.Accordingly be in recently this paragraph of time, about football association president his position change, spread all sorts of views ceaselessly.Before that, I saw sun Wen, vice president of THE FOOTBALL Association, replace Chen Xuyuan and hold an important meeting. At that time, there were ideas coming out that it is very likely that Sun Wen has now formally replaced Chen Xuyuan and is in charge of all work.And then Chen Xuyuan because of the work is too bad, it is very likely to be removed from the general Administration of Sports, and then it is very likely to be completely down from the present position.At that time, many fans heard the rumors and naturally felt quite happy, thinking that Chen Xuyuan did not have good ability and performance, and after stepping down from the position, it might be a better choice for Chinese football.However, according to the latest situation, the football association issued a statement denying the rumor, which should be sad news for the fans, because Chen shuyuan did not leave.At 20:56 in the evening, according to the official report of the live broadcast bar, it can be understood that the FOOTBALL Association has made a formal statement regarding the situation of the senior personnel change.It is indeed very rare for them to address these rumors.In this interview, the relevant people of the Chinese Football Association said that regarding this personnel change, all the rumors about these personnel changes before are not true, the current football Association is implementing various work, a lot of work is in an orderly way, all personnel are not affected.As the news came out, it meant that Chen Xuyuan’s so-called change, even laid off the truth of the rumor was exposed, he did not leave the Chinese Football Association, did not leave the position of the football Association chairman.Maybe for the fans, it should be quite unexpected, even a little sad, some sad.After all, many fans had been expecting Chen xuyuan’s resignation since the round of 12 just started. He, like Li Tie, could not lead the national team to achieve better results.And he is currently leading the Chinese Super League, where many teams are suffering from unpaid wages, collapse and other painful problems.In any case, Chen Xuyuan should be dismissed.So the fact that there has been no change in Chen’s position does surprise many fans, and some of it shouldn’t.To tell the truth, I still hope that if Chen Xuyuan is not capable of leading the National football Team to achieve good results, it is better to let him go as soon as possible. I believe that there are more capable and outstanding personnel who can replace him to lead the national football Team to the future and achieve better results and development.