In the first quarter of 2022, Desheng Technology is expected to have a net profit of 9.4704 million to 11.141,600 million, an increase of 70%-100% year-on-year

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On March 30, Desheng Technology (002908) recently released the performance forecast for the first quarter of 2022, it is expected that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first quarter of 2022 will be 9.4704 million yuan to 11.1416 million yuan, the profit of the same period last year will be 5.5708 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 70%-100%.During the reporting period, all parts of the country responded positively to the requirements of the state to promote the construction of the “all-in-one card” for residents’ services using the social security card as the carrier.After the gestation period of the past few years, the demand for the issuance of the third generation of social security cards in China has accelerated since the end of 2021.During the reporting period, the market of the third generation of social security card continued to grow rapidly. The company seized the opportunity and constantly improved the business model of “issuing cards with cards” in the “all-in-one card” field of resident service by virtue of the customer and technical advantages accumulated in the field of social security and people’s livelihood over the years, forming its own unique competitive advantage.During the reporting period, the issuance of the third generation social security card was effectively promoted in high-frequency scenes such as scenic spots, parks, communities, campuses, construction sites and public transportation, and the number of cards issued increased rapidly.Driven by the rapid growth of card issuance, the number of “one-card and AIoT application” business contracts and order amounts have increased rapidly.Impact on the economy, while the epidemic of company’s business covers parts of the city in a service project promotion, should be standard, the implementation and acceptance has slowed, but still unremitting efforts, the company all staff caught the social security of the people’s livelihood industry is the trend of the rapid development of business opportunities: the issuance of the third generation of social security card is in the peak, around the “card” business service system is constantly improve;In the context of the impact of the epidemic on the economy and employment, the human resource operation business based on big data that the company assists the government has seen an increase in demand.The implementation of electronic ID card also declares the determination of the state in the implementation of “intelligent people’s livelihood services” direction, social security services as an important link of people’s livelihood services will usher in a huge market space.Therefore, although currently facing a new wave of epidemic, the company will make every effort to do a good job as a supplier of government livelihood services, and United Bank to achieve greater performance growth targets.Wabei data shows that the company is in the industry of software and information technology services, is the leading comprehensive service provider of people’s livelihood in China.Company’s main business is people oriented society, employment, financial, medical, big data, and other fields of information system construction and relevant operation services, covering social security card issued and application of big data, human resources and employment, social security the c-terminal intelligent customer service, finance, rural electricity business operations, scene compound networking applications, resident services “all-in-one-card” operations and other comprehensive information technology services.This article comes from digging shell net