January 2022 life insurance recommendation

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Divided into traditional term life insurance, whole life increases (lever longevity), whole life, endowment insurance, in the beginning, life is only the insured within a certain time period die to compensate, and only when no die, don’t compensate for later term life insurance, introduces the role of asset transfer, when the insured person to compensate, because the person will die,So the compensation is certainly (whole life) in order to meet some people die for money, and live for the want of money, and there was a person to give money for a period of time, don’t die to expire insurance gold endowment insurance () these days, in order to meet the needs of the people management, on the basis of whole life added certain financial management functions,Equivalent to policy-holder can have a long-term value of compound interest piggy bank (increases whole life) later, respectively, to recommend a these four types of risks, term life insurance – showily barley 2022 term life insurance term life insurance safeguard responsibility extremely simple, is when the insured die or all residual by insurance company for compensation.From the perspective of insurance itself, the evaluation dimension of term life insurance includes: rate and exemption clause.And to this danger is planted character, achieved optimal almost.The biggest feature is cheap, the least number of exemption clauses, and high amount of free physical examination.Compared with similar insurance plans offered by other companies in the same period, the premium is 1/3 to half lower, the exemption clause is only three (the insured can also be compensated for death caused by drunk driving, drug addiction and AIDS), and the maximum amount of free physical examination is 3.5 million yuan.At the same time additional traffic accident double payment.Of course, the drawback is that the company is operated purely on the Internet, with a small number of outlets and low visibility.Rate reference: male 30 years old, guaranteed for 30 years, 30 years of payment, 1 million annual insurance premium 1089 yuan;2. Traditional whole life insurance (leveraged life) – Zhongyi Life Insurance Co., LTD. Compared with the term life insurance, the whole life insurance has a strong color of asset inheritance because the compensation is certain, and its premium is many times that of the term life insurance.From the evaluation dimension, the main factors to be considered are rate, exemption clause and cash value.At the same time, according to the actual work experience, different from term life insurance, customers who choose this type of insurance tend to value the service of insurance companies, and give more consideration to the strength of insurance companies and the trust and other resources that can be provided.From the perspective of premium rate and exemption clauses and other factors, Huagui Life Xiaoai whole life insurance is the best, with a lower premium rate and only three exemption clauses. However, its defects also lie in brand awareness and insurance services.If it is to choose sunshine life honour enjoy sunshine life insurance, the rate is a little bit higher, in the insurance company visibility can be higher.At the same time, if you value insurance trust and insurance company’s service to high net worth customers, or want to buy high insurance amount, you can choose Zhongyi Life Insurance or Tongfang global new legacy glory.These two kinds of insurance have their own characteristics, among which Zhongyi Life is slightly more expensive, the policy cash value is higher;Tongfang Global has additional coverage for accidental death and aviation accidents.Belong to each have forced rate reference: male 30 years old, 20 years of payment, 1 million annual insurance premium 14280 yuan;Female 30 years old, 20 years pay fee, protect the forehead year insurance cost of 1 million 12850 yuan 3, two complete insurance — favorite additional yue enjoy ankang two complete insurance at present two complete insurance majority is attached to the form of additional risk on serious disease risk, although the insurance of this kind of type still has safeguard function nominally, but more or the form of financial management exists.Considering the actual sales situation, here is not to introduce, mainly the increased whole life insurance as an example.Iv. Extended whole Life Insurance – The extended whole life insurance of Xintai Life Insurance Is relatively simple, and the policyholder treats it more as a deposit account that can be drawn and used.Considering the stability and safety of insurance companies, for such products, there is almost only one dimension from the policy itself — cash value.After that, there are the restrictions on insurance addition and reduction, as well as whether to provide trust docking and so on.Xintai Life’s Ruizun series is almost the ultimate in account value.