Net red Liu Yong was diagnosed!Once famous for eating Indian snacks, he once again drank Ganges water

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On Jan 22, 2021, Liu Yong, a multimillionaire Internet celebrity based in India, revealed in his video that he had been diagnosed with pneumonia.After many fans warned him to take care of his health, Yong said he was immune, but now he has caused a stir.Liu Yong posted a video of himself lying in bed looking very weak.He tried to take nasal swab samples himself twice, and each time the results were positive.He also held on to show the results on camera, and all the viewers saw the positive results.According to Liu Yong’s own account, his current symptoms are fever and waist pain, and he wants to take an axe to cut.It was the first time for liu Yong’s fans to see him in such a helpless state, so they flooded his comments with encouragement and hope that he would get better soon.At present, Liu Yong has been cut off, his fans are very concerned about his physical condition, I hope he can get better soon and continue his food journey with his fans.So who is Liu Yong and why do so many people like to watch his videos?In the information age with highly developed network, all kinds of small videos are greatly sought after by people with their unique charm.Many bloggers use food, travel or a classic line as their catchphrase to achieve the goal of being memorable.Liu Yong became an Internet sensation after tasting Indian food, saying it was “clean and hygienic”.On social media, Liu Yong and several other Internet celebrities have been dubbed “agents of four Countries” by netizens, including Popo in the US, Akou Wang yan in Japan, and Little Tiger from Thailand. Their videos have attracted a large number of fans and their unique charm.Liu Yong is a native of northeast China and currently works in India.At first, in his spare time, he would post on the Internet some strange things he saw on the streets of India, but it did not attract much attention.Later, he posted a video of buying shaved ice on the street. In the video, the shaved ice made by the old man was much stinker and dirtier than that made by others.But after eating, Liu Yong ended the video with a winking comment, “Brothers, it’s clean and sanitary.”Such bizarre tastes and opinions have gone viral on the Internet.Since then, all of Liu Yong’s videos, no matter how dirty the food, have been commented on as “clean and hygienic”, which has become his pronoun and online name.Almost every video of Liu Yong is a search for so-called Indian food in the streets of India, and watching the process and color matching of the food is nauseating.In the eyes of Chinese people, the food is not free and would not be eaten. In Liu Yong’s video, the dark food is clean and hygienic with his ineffable facial expressions and classic sayings, which is helpless and comical.This kind of Liu Yong is hard to understand and very fresh in the eyes of Chinese people. Every time after watching his video, people will expect what strange food will appear next time!So it attracts many people’s attention!In a short video, Yong made a big move by once again insisting on drinking water from the Ganges river, nicknamed the periodic table of the elements.This let like his fans directly shocked, have reminded him to pay attention to safety messages.The Ganges is known as the “holy River” by Indians, who have long had the custom of “baptizing” their dead by drowning them in the river.This custom is chilling to the Ganges water!After the outbreak of the epidemic, the water quality of the Ganges river has become worse. There are not only a lot of garbage floating on the water, but also a lot of animal carcasses, emitting an indescribable super foul smell.Such sanitary conditions are worrying, how can you drink it!Liu Yong’s performance is refreshing the audience’s three views directly, his every move stimulates people’s visual nerve.Liu Yong, wearing a red half-sleeve, filled a glass of water directly from the Ganges and gulped it down, telling the camera it was fine.Such courage is courage, the king of Kings!His fan base skyrocketed after the Ganges drink, far exceeding his expectations.The videos posted by the online celebrities, known as The “Four Kingdoms Agent”, are based on the real local conditions and customs of foreign countries, and netizens joke that they exist to fulfill “special tasks”.Among them, Liu Yong’s living environment was relatively bad.As he has tasted all kinds of dark food in India and drunk the exciting water of Ganges river, liu Yong has been praised by netizens as “shen Nong tasted all kinds of herbs in ancient times, but now he has tried all kinds of poisons”.Although Liu Yong was in such a bad environment, he was cheerful, positive and optimistic and really integrated himself into such a life.Liu Yong is a very warm person, and when he tests out some Indian street food, he often takes a bag home.The reason is that some of the snacks are visually unpalatable, and Liu Yong has a premonition that he will show his facial expressions after eating.If the food is very bad in front of the stall owner, the stall owner will be very sad, so in order to take care of the mood of the stall owner, Liu Yong took “food full of unknown” home to eat.This can not only make curious video to meet the curiosity of domestic netizens, but also take care of the face of stall owners.Liu Yong was also a down-to-earth person who recorded his life faithfully.In daily life, I would not only eat street food, but also go out to restaurants and drink and dance on the rooftop with my good friends. I would also wash my hair and take a shower on the street like the locals.In the road rampage of the little monkey, will be very caring to help the monkey across the road.He also rides pigs and worboats cows with local people. It is also a special happiness to record his real life with local people in the video.His life in India is full of curiosity and adventure, which has captivated Chinese netizens.Those who like him in an outbreak will be nervous about his safety, reminding him to take precautions all the time.However, it is a pity that the epidemic in India is so serious that Liu Yong was diagnosed.After liu Yong’s feat of drinking from the Ganges river, he was in shock for a while, wondering if he had a bad stomach.After being reminded of the epidemic by the audience, Liu Yong wore a mask to look for food in the crowded streets, but wearing a cloth mask that had no protective effect, he was finally diagnosed with COVID-19 by his own “suicide”.However, on January 25, with fans concerned, Liu Yong posted a video to let them know he was safe.He said that he had been in a coma for several days, and his waist was no longer painful, but his throat was sore, especially his chest.He also urged his fans to always take precautions, as he has personally experienced the indescribable pain his body can feel after an infection.Fans also wish him a speedy recovery and continued happiness and positive energy.Since the onset of pneumonia, many countries have ignored the seriousness of the epidemic.Some western epidemiologists called pneumonia “the great flu”, believing that as long as the whole population will eventually be immune, the epidemic will disappear without a trace.India has not been immune to the COVID-19 storm, becoming the epicenter of the epidemic.According to news reports, there are now 192,222,991 confirmed CASES of COVID-19 in India, 37,370,971 people have been cured and 491,154 people have died. The numbers are staggering!I hope the disaster of the world will end as soon as possible and Liu Yong will recover soon.For more content, follow Pineapple Entertainment