Poster | Start of Spring

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The beginning of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms.”Month seventy-two hou set solution” said: “Spring, the first month festival.Li, the beginning also “.Stand, is “beginning” meaning;Spring represents warmth and growth.Since the Qin Dynasty, The start of Spring has been the beginning of the Mengchun season in China.The so-called “a year’s plan lies in spring”, spring is warm, birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers;Spring is growth, till sowing.One hou “east wind thawing” east wind warming, resolving the earth has been frozen for a long time.Second hou “insects beginning to vibrate” “insects” is hidden meaning, refers to the hidden in the underground of all kinds of insects have begun to wake up from hibernation.Three hou “fish with negative ice” means rising, fish because the water temperature is getting warmer, they compete to float to the water surface, but there is still a part of the water has not dissolved broken ice, watching from the shore, just like fish swimming with ice in the water.Source: Hubei Daily