The best friend

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What man doesn’t want a confidant who admires him?What woman doesn’t want a soulmate who appreciates her?However, the reality is so helpless, so cruel, “boundless huge crowd, bosom friend hard to find”?How come so many confidante, blue confidante?Boya never strings only for the child, only one bosom friend in life, it is enough!And boundless huge crowd, rolling world of mortals, where is my bosom friend looking for?Once upon a time, inadvertently found their side of the friends less and less.Accidentally open the address book, want to find a friend to chat, but suddenly found that can say the truth has not a few?Yeah!Some people, walk on the loose, some love, the hand over the light;Slowly, gradually far away, gradually, has faded out of your world……Yeah!Long road, who can accompany you for a lifetime?So far away, who can treat you as before?Perhaps, he is your life journey through the most beautiful scenery, perhaps, she is your fleeting passer-by, a glance……The road of life, she can only accompany you for a lifetime, but can not accompany you for a lifetime……Blue bosom friend or, red bosom friend, is a rare bosom friend in life.Meet each other, we should know how to cherish each other.You know, in a sense, they’re just friends, close friends.He can listen to the things that you bury in your heart, and he can understand the things that you can’t talk about.”Men cry not lightly”, maybe only in front of her, you can be unscrupulous, laugh, cry…He is your sad harbor, is the source of happiness when you are happy;He can cry with you, laugh with you, until the end of time…Of course!Sometimes it has to be said that people are selfish, especially in heterosexual relationships.You may make mistakes you shouldn’t in the heat of the moment…To know, people are moral bottom line, everything should have a “degree”, once crossed, the consequences are unimaginable.So we should think twice before we lose.Confidante is a kind of romance, blue confidante is a kind of realm.Therefore can do confidante, must be a woman in the boutique;And have confidante, must be the wise man.”It’s hard to get a friend, but lose it in the blink of an eye”, cherish your blue confidante, or confidante, be kind to everyone around you who loves you and the people you love.