10 years of missing, 20 years of silence, finally achieved a walking middle-aged hormone

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The hit drama “The Beginning” ended smoothly. Midday Sunshine once again gave back the trust and support of the audience with high-quality works. This drama does not have a grand cast of actors or complicated special effects, but radiates out the story behind each character with the loop as the main line.Just a week before the finale, the police zhang Cheng was killed in a cycle, many netizens posted a flog Zhang Cheng if not resurrected, after all don’t look at the noon sun.Liu Yijun played by r. vishny scenes in the play is not much more special, cycle a few times and not involved with the police, but even so the officer r. vishny from the appearance left a deep impression to the person, no matter how ridiculous the circulation of poetry li mouth, he can listen patiently, and find suspicious, especially later with li poetry firmly ensure if received text messages,Will not hesitate to police, just a few lines on the performance of a people’s police essence.Liu Yijun has been 52 years old this year, but his mature man charm, as well as his story-telling eyes, is no small fresh meat can imitate, known as walking middle-aged hormones.Liu’s interest in acting originated from the Xi ‘an Film Studio near his home when he was a child. After watching many movies, liu decided to be an actor when he grew up. Although his parents are both intellectuals engaged in scientific research, they did not object to Liu’s choice.In the college entrance examination, Liu Yijun was admitted to Beijing Film Academy as the first in his major and became classmates with Zhang Jiayi and Guan Hu, etc. At that time, Liu Yijun’s image advantages were prominent, with sharp eyebrows, wide and deep double eyelids, eyes slightly lifted up, nose bridge high and straight, lips full.In addition, his academic performance was also outstanding. When he was a sophomore, he almost played the leading actor in a movie, but the movie was not approved, and Liu yijun lost his first chance to become famous.However this experience lets Liu Yijun have the opportunity to be seen by the director inside the circle, had a second film appointment very quickly, legend has it that because this film is shot, he offended a big sister inside the circle, was even driven out of the cast, was later blocked inside the circle.But for the rumours Liu Yijun later had personally to clarify, but no matter what happened at that time, certainly after three Liu Yijun haven’t received, senior Liu Yijun begin to run group interview but nationhood, watched package allocation policy deadline approaches, but under Liu Yijun returned to her hometown had to obey the distribution of xi ‘an.He also had Zhang Jiayi, but luckily Zhang jiayi was assigned to the Western Film Group as an actor, while Liu Yijun was assigned to the Western Film Actors Troupe as a clerk.Since 1991, Mr. Liu has worked there in jobs unrelated to acting and was once assigned to write payslips for his good handwriting, including one for Mr. Zhang.Later, in order to advance into the cast as far as possible, Liu wrote a TV drama for Ningbo TV station called “The World of Legend” and won the second prize of the National Star Cup that year, but he was still far away from becoming an actor.Liu Yijun is not reconciled to this has been the unexamined life, so find Zhang Jiayi, ask him whether there are some people in the cast are not willing to play the role, can let him to practice acting, to avoid professional rusty.But did not think just played a unit was criticized, Liu Yijun put forward to resign in anger, at the age of 26 back pack became a north drift.Come to Beijing after Liu Yijun find hu guan have done the director of the classmates, his deputy director in the cast, 26 years old start Liu Yijun no background, no work, no fame, circles no one even knew he was graduated from nortel professional actors, also does not have the appropriate roles for him in the cast, Liu Yijun Tracy’s only once in a while,The roles and works I played were mostly ignored.Until 2000, when he met Kong Sheng, starring the TV series “the ghost” idol Leslie cheung’s classic character, ning mining minister, in the same year in feature, brotherhood, even with the finalists for the gold, the work this year 30 Liu Yijun debut as a newcomer, seems to confirm the horse famous martial art of his remarks, was a late bloomer.In 2002, Liu Yijun participated in the first Urban drama modern Family co-produced by China and South Korea and played the role of husband and wife with South Korean actress Lee Tae-ran. At that time, Liu Yijun wore a hair of 37 points and was a typical white-collar image, which was very suitable for the image of young men in urban life dramas at that time, so it attracted the attention of Kong Sheng.Later, Kong invited Liu Yijun to play lu Xin in the emotional drama Romantic Journey. This time, Liu Yijun shaved his hair and was young and energetic.Gradually, Liu yijun’s acting career began to take shape, and more and more films began to be offered, but they were mostly minor supporting roles, such as Zhao Dongchui in The Dye House, Zhang Xueliang in The Hero of Dreams, or some films and TV dramas that didn’t make much of a dent.In 2014, Liu Yijun played Ouyang Yi in “Parents Love”. This role is quite different from before. He has been bright and successful, but also has been down and out.Since then, Liu’s resources have gradually shifted to the first-tier market, and he has appeared in a series of hit TV dramas such as Big Husband, All Quiet in Beijing and Tiger Mom Cat Dad.It’s still a small supporting role, but it gives him access to quality resources and teams like Kong Sheng and Noon Sunshine, which leads to bigger stages and better opportunities in films like The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire.In 2015, over the age of 45 Liu Yijun rise into the career, from Wang Tianfeng to Xie Yu Liu Yijun calculation, intrigues the sinister diabolical, scheming and all written on the face, mature man wrinkles made him look ambitious, invisible mood in the wake of profound eyebrow horoscopes, a turn round an instant suddenly turn hostile, enough to let a person back.The disguiser and Nirvana in Fire were released in succession, making Liu a new villain and a star.Zhang Wanlin in “great expectations” in the nature, the role of the prototype is Shanghai Zhang Xiaolin, a real local ruffians and hooligans, plot setting this person is cold-blooded the devil, kill people don’t blink, no love no love without friendship, unlike Wang Tianfeng and Xie Yu, Wang Tianfeng have faith Xie Yuyou love, but only kill Zhang Wanlin.In order to make himself colder, Liu Yijun habitually lowers his head and squints up to look at people, some slightly hunchbacked, which makes many viewers hate their guts.Later from the west of surgery, director of the sail into the orange s NieWanFeng, and then to “fox hunting” bo-lin wang, Liu Yijun bad more three-dimensional complex, more ambitious, what to potential energy away from the doctor’s on the bottom line and principles, NieWanFeng for money at taking bo-lin wang to prosperity will play with all the people in the palm,These roles finally let Liu Yijun’s name is known by the public, become a real strength of the villain.At the time, However, Liu was already 50 years old. Even his mentor, Ma Jingwu, said, “He was a late bloomer, but he didn’t expect to be 50.”But the audience did not think of is the age of 51 Liu Yijun sudden transformation, in the “home life” with the exodus of a pair of husband and wife, halfway Liu Yijun plays Bai Youxin some self-righteous, when he faced the son some privately, but faced with routine is strong deep love sailing, such Bai Youxin fascinates the audience.Others say that Bai youxin’s approach to childbirth is a bit of a mess, but if you put that aside, the two are really sweet when they sprinkle sugar all over the screen.After the show began airing, many viewers said they didn’t expect Liu yijun to be so charming when he wasn’t a bad guy, and that the 50-year-old uncle had such charm.In the same year, “Black Storm” broadcast, Liu Yijun as a police officer He Yong on the appearance of a large audience, did not expect uncle wearing police uniform is so handsome.However, because the plot is too complicated and confusing, and Liu Yijun has played too many bad guys, there were a lot of audience guesses will this he Yong is the black police.As the “anti-triad storm continued to hit, as he yong Liu Yijun a more thorough popular feeling, he relies on a solid performance make the audience forget the he once played the villain, is to accept the full of justice, wisdom, and middle-aged man mature charm of the police, the smart uniform wear on his body, really make people stop.Liu Yijun, whose popularity has skyrocketed, also stepped off the screen to communicate with his fans in real life.And the real Liu Yijun faced fans strange strange questions sometimes very shy, also with his son Liu Yitong during the same stage performance and caused netizens on the card oil small fresh meat awkward black.Later, when fans used the incident to mock Liu, he would reply, “I touched me!”But when asked to watch his own passion scene, the old man shyly buckled the screen.Liu Yijun told Du Chun cooperation across a net play without the city of the Lord, though started no propaganda and spray, but Liu Yijun play in the play of the two is quite hot, Liu Yijun plays in the play of David li Chen is a also are also evil role, and Liu Yijun is have this kind of charm can let a person to hate not a villain.The success of “The Beginning” pushes Liu Yijun further. Zhang Cheng, the police officer, is the only one who is willing to believe Li Shiqing. When he firmly promises to Li Shiqing that he will send police to ensure the safety of people’s lives, the righteous and clean eyes deeply touched the hearts of the audience.Liu Yijun, 52, has experienced 10 years of missing out and 20 years of silence. These experiences and stories have become his irreplaceable charm, a walking hormone of middle age.