Can you make more than 10,000 yuan a month with a baby at home?A mother and child blogger’s real experience sharing

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For most of us, money is like an all-purpose iron that smoothes out all the wrinkles in our lives.That’s why we’re working overtime, trying to make an extra thousand or two a month.But such money, earn really too tired, carelessly take health go in.Lin Lin, by contrast, 28, will easily too much, she is at home sideband Eva to make money and a little red book, a month can earn QiBaQian, than her friend who arrive a day wages are higher, more important is the Courier every day is not over, these are all merchants to send products, all need not spend a penny, are small friends to assist food, milk powder,There are toys, clothes, strollers and so on.Sometimes she runs out of food and gives it to friends and relatives.Linlin said, she began to do little red book, is also interested in hobbies, like to send some baby photos and videos, later found that everyone kua her baby lovely, but also consult her some parenting knowledge.So she began to share some parenting experience, food preparation, how to do when the baby gets sick and so on.A vaccination note went viral with 3,000 likes.After the note went viral, her account went from just a few followers to thousands, and she felt a sense of accomplishment.One afternoon, when she was putting her baby to bed, she received a private message.The other party said that she was a PR of a certain brand and wanted to find her to promote one of their products (milk powder of a certain brand), and offered her several hundred yuan as remuneration for writing and products.For the first time in her life, she was happy and worried about being a liar.Later, she tried to communicate with him, and after confirming his identity, she gave him his address.Two days later, she did receive the product.She tried to write promotional notes. Although there were some difficulties in communication, she was moved when she finally received the payment from the other party.Lin Lin’s little red book fans more and more, she received a list of more and more, the price is higher and higher.She also learned about other ways to cash out.”Berry Notice” is a platform that she entered to receive notices. On it, many brands/PR in various fields will publish grass planting tasks, with clear prices, products and cooperation details.For bloggers, it is a very practical and convenient tool, with more initiative, rather than waiting for businesses to find, you can choose your favorite list to sign up.Naturally, he earned more and more money.Later, when Douyin became popular, she started douyin again. By introducing xiaohongshu fans to Douyin, her fans grew rapidly.With some traffic from the platform itself, she doubled her revenue by running two platforms simultaneously.Her family are very supportive.Being a little Red book blogger can not only make money, but also save money. The most important thing is that there is no time limit, and it can be done at home with children.In fact, such as Lin Lin treasure mother, choose to do we media, is a very appropriate choice.This can not only make money to support the family, but also realize her social value and not be separated from the society.A person at home all day with children, very tired and boring, in fact, is in need of some spiritual comfort.In the interaction with the fans, Lin Lin felt that life was very full, and felt that helped others, they can harvest a happiness.Not only baoma, college students, young people who have just graduated, white-collar workers with low salaries, etc., can try to create their own “we media” accounts as a side job. Generally, when the number of fans reaches 1000, they can be cashed-in.Every effort is worth seeing!Pay attention to me, learn more about small red book operation dry goods!Teach you to break 1000 fans in 1 month