Five must-see attractions in Downtown Zunyi

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The five scenic spots in downtown Zunyi are: Red Army Hill, the old site of the Red Army General Political Department, the old site of the Chinese Soviet State Bank, red Army Street, and Zunyi Memorial Park.As zunyi meeting site and other famous scenic spots have been familiar, xiaobian in this article briefly.The red army mountain.Back to the “Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park” of Zunyi City, in order to commemorate the Red Army martyrs who died in the Battle of Zunyi, zunyi City people’s Government built the Red Army martyrs cemetery here,Red Army Hill Martyrs cemetery is composed of “Red Army Martyrs Monument”, “Deng Ping martyr’s tomb”, “Red Army grave”, “Qingsong Hall”, “Cuibai Garden”, Deng Ping martyr’s sacrifice scene sculpture, Red Army medics treating the poor scene sculpture, Zhong Weijian martyr sculpture and so on.Old site of red Army General Political Department.During the Long March of the Red Army, the General Political Department was set up in the Yangliu Street Catholic Church in Zunyi.It is now a national key cultural relic protection unit.The church consists of two parts: the oratory and the school.The Oratory, at the north end, is a “Romanesque” building.The school, at the south end, is a group of courtyard-style bungalows, constructed of wood.The former site of the Chinese Soviet State Bank.The former site of The Chinese Soviet State Bank (Expropriation and Collection Committee) is located at the entrance of Yangliu Street, Honghuagang District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province.Here was originally the deputy commander of the 25th Army of the Kuomintang Qian Army Yu Guocai’s private house, built in the late 1920s, slope roof, small green tiles, wearing bucket roof frame, with typical characteristics of northern Guizhou residential architecture.The reds street.Turning right from The Yangliu Street where the Zunyi meeting was held, the first sight you saw was a tall archway with three vigorous and free characters of “Red Army Street” inscribed by General Zhang Aiping.It is said that many “time-honored” shops have been operating here since the Red Army period and are still doing brisk business today.The street will be paved with blue SLATE, more vicissitudes of simple, secluded and clean.Zunyi Memorial Park.It is located at Park Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, opposite Fenghuang Mountain Park.Park has four blocks, planting rare trees, and the construction of pavilions, corridors, rooms, pavilions, flower beds, rockery, pool and other garden buildings, the environment is elegant, beautiful scenery.Additional reading: Zunyi.Zunyi is located in southwest China and the north of Guizhou, with Guiyang in the south, Chongqing in the north and Sichuan in the west. It is in the core area and main corridor of chengdu-Central Guizhou economic zone corridor, and the bridgehead, main position and pilot area of Qian-Chongqing cooperation. Zunyi is the national whole-area tourism demonstration zone.If you want to know more about us, join us