Lanzhou “spring breeze” send guard!Turns out you can get a good job by watching live

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On the morning of February 18, the 2022 Lanzhou “Spring Breeze Action” concentrated day activity was held in People’s Square of Gaolan County.It is understood that the event to send love “spring breeze send warm, employment” as the theme, for because of the outbreak were stranded employment of migrant workers, have intention of rural labor force transfer employment, returning back migrant workers, especially of poverty population, rural low-income population and other key support object, not the employment of college graduates, town employment difficult personnel, there are other jobs to workers,Employers in need of employment, especially key industrial and supply chain enterprises, provide consultation on vocational guidance, skill training, entrepreneurship services, contract signing, wage payment, social security, labor disputes and other aspects.And through this activity, for the majority of job seekers and recruitment enterprises, while realizing the supply and demand of human resources docking, to help everyone understand the public employment service policies, enjoy public employment services, master relevant laws and regulations and rights protection approaches, further enhance the awareness of labor rights protection.The “Spring Breeze Action” centralized day organized a large job fair, set up more than 20 on-site policy consulting desks, and 209 recruitment enterprises conducted on-site recruitment, providing 15,008 employment positions.The company mainly involved in real estate, finance, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, public health, medical care, commerce and trade, cultural tourism, warehousing and postal, information transmission, computer services and software, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, residential services, education and other industries, and initially reached intentional employment agreements for 1,095 people.On the day of the event, job information was also released synchronously through mobile phone SMS, wechat push, remote recruitment and other channels to help workers and employers effectively connect.In addition, according to the reporter, the event site was also held at the same time “live with guard” activities, a total of 4 live broadcast rooms.A total of 167 enterprises participated in the live broadcast and provided 1,008 positions.Through the live broadcast room, enterprise principals and anchors promote positions for job seekers, answer questions, and conduct real-time interactive communication to achieve accurate employment.During the live broadcast, 8,557 people came into the live broadcast room for interaction, and 161 people reached preliminary employment intention.The recruitment method of “live broadcasting with post” breaks the limitation of time and space, expands the scope of publicity and makes the audience wider, and adds a bright color to this “Spring Breeze Action” concentrated day activity.Next, zhuhai will continuously based on a network platform to carry out “online recruitment of cloud”, carry out offline recruitment and “spring breeze action” to send posts to the countryside village, adopt the method of combining online, we will focus on collecting warm heart service, let the workers and the enterprise can be targeted employment entrepreneurship services, eligible to enjoy the support policy,To promote the transfer and employment of surplus urban and rural labor force in Zhuhai, help implement the rural revitalization strategy, let the spring breeze of employment warm thousands of households, and celebrate the 20th CPC National Congress with excellent achievements.Full media reporter zhao Wanshan, Cheng Shanshan, Lanzhou Daily/photo editor by Zhou Yanwen