Plague of sheep recorded in the desert

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Since the spiritual sheep in the wasteland were enlightened, there would be plague every few years. This plague existed before the enlightenment, but it was not serious. Only some old and weak people died, which could optimize the flock population structure.In many cases, it is the fastest sheep demon who has an abnormal condition. At the beginning, it is only difficult to practice, which leads to the stagnation of the practice. Later, there are various physical and mental diseases, but no effect after various treatments, and after a long time, it will lead to death.This situation is only a training problem for the goblins, but for some goblins the problem is increased, you know, the goblins are a kind of tribute, if the number is not enough, some goblins may be less oil, so, for a long time, many goblins tried to solve this problem, and eventually they failed!Is a blessing in disguise, the demon sheep for this reason that cause them to a minimum by exploiting other monsters, this special cultivation disease has certain infectious, originally with the demon sheep a demon, almost enlightenment with the demon sheep, they are also affected by the disease, and seed cultivation, the demon of the rat is almost fatal, other monster was also studied,Do not want to also be infected, which has tiger demon, later heard that a village of tiger demon group destroy!!For this reason, let the goblins in a sense to retreat from the goblins, otherwise how could the goblins develop and grow in the West River valley, to send a large number of effective forces to the East River valley, to help the East River goblins against the Ten thousand Malons.No matter in the East river or the West River, demons all know this special disease. The ancient Bajie himself inspected it during his travels, and he should know something about it. The goat demons and tiger demons did not get an exact answer, but said that the cause of this disease was very complicated, and they could not tell sentient beings until they had the chance!After hundreds of years of trying, the fauns discovered many secrets of the disease, and with this discovery, the fauns quickly grew in power, becoming a major force on the east and west prairies, and also a major player in the conflict between the North and the South.Later, the terrans came, at the beginning of the terrans are in the north, in addition to the spirit of mutton demand a little more, almost no impact on the goat.Several years kosi grasslands is there, for a few years those who take a little interest on those dying rat demon, the demon sheep can provide some help, and later heard those Terran fix on their forces in refining the rat demon, they form the spirit beast, demon sheep are reminded to fix, the rat demon with a deadly plague,The practitioner doesn’t seem to care at all!However, at the end of the conflict, the terrans used a large number of ships to transport personnel and surrounded the southern demon tribes. The southern demon tribes had already given warning in time, but the southern demon did not take the warning at all, resulting in defeat at the front!Southern demon clan defeat, xihe area is the tiger demon to expand the scope of influence, goat demon tried to fight back, but the heart is willing and strength is insufficient, but soon after, the human fishing village hit the tiger demon soft side.Sheep and take this opportunity to demon successful direct contact with Terran mortals, made a lot of harvest, at the same time, the first contact to the north of mixed taxiing Dan, trying to apply on the spirit not taxiing to the sheep, but because the taxiing Dan dedicated is a monster, only to find Terran is made, it will reveal some secret of the demon race, the demon sheep is very dangerous.The concern of the goat demon is also found in other monsters, especially now that the terrans are in contact with the Southern monsters in large numbers. In order to win their support, the terrans have been making the general shafting Dan. At present, the risk of this Dan is very high, no matter for the terrans or the demon race, once the failure is fatal!!There were many sick fauns in the fauns. When they heard of this, they wanted to take a chance, for they would rather die than die. No monster dared to kill them except for the plague, and they could not even kill themselves.The fishing village of ordinary people is not all ordinary people want to become a need, the two sides a communication, think can try a small range, is also a way out for those ordinary people.The first attempt at general-purpose shaddan was a failure. The gap between the goblin and the mortal was too great. The mortal died by explosion, and the goblin was completely lost.I tried a few more times…Most of the failures, and once a mortal actually disappeared into thin air, the Faun was safe…In the following months, the sick sheep in the sheep demon actually slowly recovered. The news came from the ancient Eight Quit that the chance of sheep disease had arrived…The banshee King saw a special banshee, and then a banshee drove a flock of sheep to the human race, and then the news came, the girl is a sheep fleas in the form of banshee, called flea!!