Quick look!Shenzhen plans to add 200,000 new degrees, good news from these districts

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In 2022, how will Shenzhen speed up the realization of the goal of “good education for children, good education for learning”, and how to promote shenzhen’s education demonstration?On February 9, the Education Bureau of Shenzhen municipality released key work points for 2022.Austrian news reporters learned that this year, Shenzhen education will strengthen education demonstration guarantee, build a new pattern of high-quality development of basic education and other eight aspects, deployment to help draw a better “good education, good education” people’s livelihood picture.In 2022, 178 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will be renovated and expanded. Three senior high schools in Longgang, Pingshan and Guangming will be completed and put into operation, and 200,000 new basic education degrees will be added.Shenzhen will continue to promote the quality and balanced development of compulsory education. Shenzhen will introduce the implementation plan to promote the collectivization of public primary and secondary schools and establish 30 primary and secondary education groups.We issued guidelines on comprehensively deepening the exchange and rotation of principals and teachers of compulsory education schools in the region;Guide each district to optimize the points admission policy;Deepen the teaching reform, improve the quality of classroom teaching;We will actively create a “national area for the balanced development of quality compulsory education”.· Shenzhen will promote the Inclusive and high-quality development of Preschool Education shenzhen has promoted the promulgation of the Regulations on Preschool Education in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.We will consolidate the achievements of “5080” and steadily increase the proportion of children in public and GWYP kindergartens.We will support state-owned enterprises, public institutions and universities in setting up public kindergartens.· Shenzhen will promote the diversified and characteristic development of high school education. Shenzhen will speed up the construction of a national demonstration area for the implementation of new curriculum and new textbooks for ordinary high schools of the Ministry of Education to create a “Shenzhen model”;We will strengthen the integration of vocational and general education, explore ways to promote mutual selection of vocational and general education courses, mutual learning of credits, and mutual exchange of resources.· Shenzhen will continue to fight the battle of “Double Reduction”. Shenzhen will issue several measures to further reduce the homework burden and off-campus training burden of students in compulsory education.Registration of off-campus training institutions shall be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations.Joint law enforcement inspections will be carried out on a regular basis, and efforts will be intensified to investigate and punish training activities involving invisible variations.We will do a good job in the supervision of funds for discipline training institutions and the identification of service categories.We will introduce a plan to reduce the burden and improve the quality of schools in compulsory education, improve the mechanism for studying, assigning and managing students’ homework in compulsory education, and comprehensively improve the quality of after-school services.To promote the examination reform under the background of “double reduction”, comprehensively strengthen the examination management, improve the examination system of middle and high schools and the admission policy of high schools.Increasing degree of supply area more good news, Mr Fukuda will add over 9500 degrees in 2022, Mr Fukuda will new nine school construction project, completed 10 new and renovated schools project, set up 10 preschool education group and more than two compulsory education group, building 5 “5 g + wisdom education experimental school”, the new super 9500 degree.On December 14 last year, Huang Xiangyue, deputy secretary and head of Nanshan District in Shenzhen, said that the city will renovate and expand 11 schools and three kindergartens in 2022, and it is expected to add 19,000 basic education degrees.In 2022, Baoan will complete the construction of 22 compulsory education schools and 3 senior high schools, and add 29,200 public compulsory education degrees, 70,800 senior high school degrees, and 25,000 pre-school education degrees.Recently baoan released compulsory education materials to remind clear rental housing housing can be used to apply for a degree specific content is:In terms of housing proof, children with shenzhen household registration, non-Shenzhen household registration, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan nationality can apply for a degree by proving that their parents or other legal guardians actually live in the school district by renting a house and their residence information has been put on record or registered.If the existing Housing rental certificate fails to meet the requirements of enrollment, or the housing rental Certificate is not applied for, you can also apply for enrollment by using residence information registration, but it is only applicable to the residential housing without property rights, and the living time is no longer extra points.To apply for a public degree with the residence information registration certificate, the applicant shall provide the housing lease contract signed with the landlord, the School District House Use Authorization Letter, the housing ownership certificate and other materials, as well as the Mainland Resident Collection Form issued by the parent (or guardian).Parents of applicants should go to the grid center of the community where they live to apply for the “Mainland Residents Collection Form” before enrollment, which will be used as the residence information registration certificate for the degree application.The applicant must have registered continuously for at least one year within the school district to which he/she is applying, i.e. before April 30 inclusive of the preceding year.The applicant can provide a rental contract signed by the family of the degree applicant and the house owner in the school district with the same address of residence registration, and the contract is valid after December 31 of the year of enrollment (inclusive).· In 2022, Luohu will add nearly 10,000 degrees in basic education.Among them, 5 compulsory education schools are planned to be built, which are: high-tech prefabricated school in Plot 06-16 of Liantang District, demolition and expansion project in Middle and middle schools of Shenzhong Middle School, nine-year system school in Shantytown of Buxin District, nine-year system school in Shantytown of Mumianling District, and Silver Lake Primary School. A total of 7,875 compulsory education degrees will be added.Plan to build 6 kindergartens, respectively: Yuehaicheng kindergarten, kindergarten group mumian Ling first kindergarten, Luohu shanzhai mumian Ling second kindergarten, Luohu Shanzhai Mumian Ling third kindergarten, Luohu shanzhai To change the cloth heart of the first kindergarten, Luohu shanzhai to change the cloth heart of the second kindergarten, a total of 1980 new pre-school education degrees.In 2022, Longgang will vigorously promote the implementation of the ten actions of “Happy Home, Good Education for Learning”, vigorously promote 18 new renovation and expansion projects such as Longgang School of Shenzhen Middle School, and add 20,500 public primary and secondary school degrees.The second plenary session of the second Longhua District Committee proposed that in 2022, Longhua will add 5,000 kindergarten degrees and 12,000 compulsory education degrees, and encourage state-owned enterprises and institutions to run kindergartens.Shenzhen will add 908,000 basic education degrees in the next five years.According to the plan, 908,000 new basic education degrees will be built in five years.Among them, 125,000 new preschool education degrees, 673,000 public compulsory education degrees, and 110,000 public regular senior high school degrees were established.The main structure of Pingshan High School Park is capped