Mountain bound hometown: vigorously regulate illegal traffic behavior around campus

2022-07-27 0 By

Long hui news (correspondent Liu Zhe) in order to maintain the traffic order around the campus, to ensure the traffic safety of students to and from school, on April 1, the Mountain bound Hui Township government combined with county traffic police brigade, police station, transport management squadron in the area around the school to carry out joint law enforcement and safety persuasion work.In the rectification, the law enforcement team set up temporary checkpoints around the school, strictly check passing vehicles, severely crack down on unlicensed vehicles, motorcycles without helmets, tricycles and agricultural vehicles carrying students and other serious traffic violations;In the school bus, people peak traffic command, maintain traffic order;Comprehensively clean up the campus around the road operation, disorderly disorderly sale, disorderly parking vehicles, such as disorderly.The operation, a total of 26 demolition of motorcycles, electric cars umbrellas, and ride motorcycles, electric vehicle behavior seven did not wear a helmet, tricycle (including electric three carriage) illegal manned 7, illegal tricycle with five the awning, obtaining good results a clampdown, effectively maintaining the school circumjacent order, purify the traffic environment, to ensure that the student travel safely.Source: Longhui Rong Media Center Author: Liu Zhe Editor: Yang Rushu This article is an original article by Longhui News Network. Please attach the link of the original source and this statement.This paper links:, all peer originator, hail to the original