Original street dance “Yellow River” dance “Bay Area Spring Festival Gala”!It’s a big change of nearly 70% from the original

2022-07-27 0 By

“The 2022 Spring Festival Gala of Guangdong SATELLITE TV in the Greater Bay Area” is on the air. The original street dance “Yellow River” is integrated with guangdong Zhuying Symphony Orchestra, which interprets the young people’s pursuit and yearning for the Yellow River in the new era with perseverance and surging forward spirit.The Yellow River, which was created by the Hip-hop Dance Committee of The Chinese Dancers Association and the Dancers Association of Henan Province, has won the Representative “Lotus Prize” in the Chinese dance circle. It tells the history of China and the story of the Yellow River with hip-hop as the carrier.Presented this time from a TV Angle, The Yellow River has been drastically revised by nearly 70% from the original.The overall performance and choreography of the new Yellow River have higher requirements for dancers’ emotions, expressions, states, scheduling and other aspects.