The 7th Quanzhou city moral model Lin Haiyuan: “Courier brother” with bare hands to save people with knives

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Quanzhou Evening News · Quanzhou pass client On February 8 (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Liao Peihuang correspondent Chen Xiaoqing) a few days before the Spring Festival, when the peak, Lin Haiyuan as usual, shuttle in the ancient city of the streets and lanes to send pieces every day.The 36-year-old delivery man prefers to be known as “little Delivery brother”, although he is often called a “saving warrior” by citizens who recognize him.Recently, “Courier little brother” Lin Haiyuan was elected the seventh quanzhou moral model.Lin Haiyuan was born to an ordinary rural family in yongchun County in 1986. After graduating from junior high school, he came to Quanzhou to work.At the end of November 2017, Lin Haiyuan joined Best Express and became the head of the agency of the North Peak branch.At 2 PM on November 13, 2019, Lin Haiyuan was busy distributing the goods arriving on “Double 11”.While passing by Zhongbao Lane, Xibao community, Fengze District, he saw a man fighting with a sanitation worker.When the man stabbed him with a sharp weapon, he immediately grabbed the knife to stop it. His left palm was almost punctured and soaked with blood.The assailant fled with a knife.After the injury, Lin Haiyuan went to the clinic to dress the wound.In the meantime, he suffered a brief coma.When he regained consciousness, he called the police and alerted colleagues before being taken to hospital for surgery.Lin was hospitalized for more than 10 days due to injuries to arteries and nerves in his hand.During his stay in hospital, the sanitation worker rescued by Lin Haiyuan often greeted and cared about him. Many friends and strangers who heard about his deeds also came to visit or send greetings.Lin haiyuan’s brave deeds regardless of his own safety have been widely reported by authoritative media at all levels, such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Fujian Daily and Quanzhou Evening News, and have been recognized and praised by the public.Lim Hae-won, who stands out at a critical moment, is warm-hearted at ordinary times.When his colleague’s car broke down, he rushed to the scene for the first time to rescue the cart and help the delivery.The old man in the area of the delivery is inconvenient, and he takes the initiative to bring daily necessities when picking up pieces.In order to cooperate with the customer off work time, urgent customer urgent, no complaints late at night on the door or he……Lin Haiyuan, who lived in the streets all the year round, did not have a high diploma, but he had deep literary feelings.He likes reading and writing, and is a prose and poetry lover. He has published many articles in quanzhou Evening News, Southeast Morning News and other media, such as dialogue with The Soul, Dao Can Dao Very Dao Miscellaneous Kan and How many people lose to the Waiting time.It is reported that Lin Haiyuan has won the national “most beautiful Courier”, Quanzhou city model of good Samaritans and other honorary titles.