The best 3 mobile phones for parents in the New Year, with large memory and large batteries, are not expensive

2022-07-27 0 By

The development of science and technology brings a lot of convenience to people.With the popularization of the Internet, short videos are becoming more and more popular. As middle-aged and old people in the new era, they are eagerly holding up mobile phones.The New Year is here, and it’s time to give your parents a new phone.So how to choose a suitable phone for parents and elders?Pay attention to the configuration of mobile phones: the elders usually send messages and video calls, and then do short videos or shopping when bored. They don’t need to run big games like us youngsters.So the mobile phone configuration should be more in line with the needs of the elders, the better: (1) large memory.② Big battery.③ Large size.Take good photos.Many of the elders have become fashionable, shooting videos or anything else, and after solving memory and battery problems, taking photos has become a big demand of the elders.I believe that many people’s parents are like my parents, buy mobile phones do not want to buy too expensive, are about 1000 yuan machine, then we recommend 3 suitable for the New Year to send elders mobile phone, big memory big battery, the price is not expensive.1. Redmi Note 10 Pro Redmi phone is always popular with the middle-aged and the elderly. The price of this phone is about 1400 yuan, and it is equipped with a 5000mAh battery, which can play for a whole day even if it is highly used.The front is equipped with a 6.6-inch large screen, equipped with 1100 Flagship Breguet processors, strong performance will not appear in a few years of use of the situation, 120Hz high screen can bring you extraordinary fluency, for only brush video for the elderly more than enough.Don’t worry if you like Huawei, huawei still has excellent phones, the price has gone up a lot since the sanctions, but there are still suitable phones.Priced at around 1,200 yuan, the phone comes with a 5,000mah battery and huawei’s own Kirin chip, and measures 6.67 inches.In the price segment of 1200 yuan Huawei enjoy 20SE, or very recommended, although the performance is not particularly strong, but this should be the most suitable Huawei phone.3, RealME Q3srealme’s reputation is not as big as the first few, but it is also a very good phone manufacturer in recent years.The price of this mobile phone is about 1100 yuan, equipped with a 5000mAh battery, the battery is durable and can play all day, but also supports 30W fast charging, charging is very fast, basically do not worry about the problem of running out of battery.Equipped with snapdragon 778G processor, it has strong performance and high smoothness. The appearance of the phone is very good, and it is very cool to hold in the hand, which is worth recommending.Editor has said that the above 3 are the most suitable for the New Year to send parents of the mobile phone, large battery large capacity smooth performance, the price is in the range of thousands of yuan machine.If you want stronger performance configuration of 2000 yuan price segment, you can also pay attention to the small series of follow-up recommendations, I wish you a happy New Year.