Zhang Liqun, Development Research Center of The State Council: The epidemic is the main reason for the decline of PMI in March

2022-07-27 0 By

NiMingYa The China securities journal, has net has net news (reporter NiMingYa) on March 31, the China federation of logistics and purchasing information, the State Council development research center, zhang liqun, a researcher at the interpretation of macroeconomic research at march PMI index, PMI index significantly decline in March, and fall from below, general characteristics and the historical data,There’s a big difference.Considering all aspects of economic recovery, it can be concluded that the epidemic is the main cause.Zhang said the precision of epidemic prevention and control should be improved to effectively reduce the impact of sporadic epidemic on economic and social activities and ensure steady growth.In March, the new orders index fell back below the line between expansion and contraction, with more than 39 percent of companies reporting insufficient demand, indicating that demand constraints remain prominent.We will accelerate the detailed implementation of policies related to expanding domestic demand, especially work related to major government construction projects, and strive for early start and early results.The price index continued to rise significantly, reflecting the high cost of raw material enterprises accounted for more than 62%, indicating that the market supply and demand continue to tighten, the bottleneck of the industrial chain and supply chain is becoming obvious.We need to do a good job in ensuring supply and keeping prices stable, give greater play to the regulating role of market prices, fully unleash the potential of China’s energy and raw material production, and ensure the security of supply and price stability of important means of production.