20,000 bowls in 4 years!A noodle restaurant in Jiangxia insists on offering free “heart-warming ramen” to sanitation workers

2022-07-28 0 By

On February 16, a banner with the slogan “Love is the environmental sanitation love warm heart” was sent to hualong Beef ramen restaurant near Meinan Mountain, Jiangxia Avenue, Jiangxia district, to thank the owner for providing free “warm heart” ramen to sanitation workers for four consecutive years.Jiangxia district sanitation workers on behalf of the shopkeeper brought a banner.According to Jiangxia district cleaning team monitor Guo Quantao: “This noodle restaurant for four consecutive years to provide free ‘warm heart ramen’ to the sanitation workers, no limit of time, no limit of times, but also can bring their families to eat together;We are so touched that we send this flag today to show our gratitude.””We often come here to eat, especially in winter, to have a hot bowl of beef ramen, which warms the body and warms the heart, and makes us more motivated to work,” said Sister Huang, a sanitation worker.Sanitation worker He master also said that every time into the restaurant dining is personally greeted by the boss, but also called them not polite, hungry to eat at any time;In his opinion, this is not only the employer’s understanding and care for the sanitation workers, but also their recognition and respect for their work.Jiangxia district sanitation workers eat hot ramen noodles in the shop.It is understood that the owner of the noodle shop is Han Suoli Moai, a Salar boy from Hualong Hui Autonomous County in Qinghai Province. He came to Wuhan in 2007 and opened the noodle shop with his father.”I have been running the noodle shop for more than 10 years, and I have seen the sanitation workers busy every day, no matter how hot or cold they are,” han said.So I decided to invite local sanitation workers to come to my shop every morning to have a hot bowl of ramen noodles to keep everyone warm after I prepared the ingredients.”According to statistics, hansoleil Has delivered more than 20,000 bowls of ramen worth 160,000 yuan in the past four years.”When you do public welfare work, you can’t count on it. If you have a lot of money but a little money, it’s just a number. The most important thing is to do what you can to contribute to society.”Hensoli Monay said.Late night sanitation workers busy figure.In addition, Han Soli MOE will also send “warm heart noodles” for sanitation workers to promote the move of 500 people in Wuhan opened a noodle restaurant, by his infection, many noodle shop owners also began to invite sanitation workers into the shop for free meals.”There are many people who want to show their love, but may not know how to do it, so I stand up myself and do it well before asking others to participate.It makes me happy to see more and more people join.””When more and more people show love and kindness, the city gets better and better.”(source: Chutian Metropolis Daily) More exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.