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Yi dazzle MAX (image) | | configuration inquiry 2021 version 1.5 T night light, hybrid (137900) the official pricing below I will multidimensional parsed on the car.In terms of appearance, the exterior color of the body uses the obsidian night black color with matte texture, coupled with the right amount of gold foil, making the exterior look very special and very sporty.Front of modelling design is face and the dark version has obvious different, for example, the car is central face huge intake grille has been connected with headlight, but became an independent from the modelling design of hexagon intake grille, it can enhance the car stereo feeling, and this is used in the interior of the air intake grille and edge black coating,This will enhance the locomotion of the front.The left and right sides above the intake grille are still sharp, three-dimensional headlights, the headlights contain LED near lights, LED high beams, daytime running lights, at the same time to provide automatic headlights, headlights height adjustment, headlights delay off function.On the left and right sides of the headlights are large enough air intake shapes. The interior of this air intake shape is designed with three horizontal black streamers, which further enhances the sense of movement of the front.The side and rear also show a very sporty design style.The side shape design is still smooth, while adding changes that can show movement. For example, the trim that extends from the top of the front door window to pillar C is painted in gold;The front and rear door handles are painted in black;The front and rear doors are decorated with gold.At the top of the rear is a sporty spoiler, which is recognisable because of its four-stage design.Car tail middle left and right sides are modelling design still stereo penetrates type taillight, the lamplight effect after shining is very conspicuous.At the bottom of the rear of the car, there are four exhaust pipes on both sides with very athletic design. Unfortunately, this is not a real exhaust pipe. The real exhaust pipe is two exhaust pipes on both sides hidden at the bottom of the car.Appearance experience: aesthetic is a matter of wisdom and wisdom. In terms of the overall appearance design, I personally think it is very special, very sporty, and has a high recognition.In terms of space, the dimensions of body length, width and height are 4817mm, 1890mm and 1475mm, and the wheelbase is 2770mm.Space experience:My height is 1740 mm, size standard, the first thing I sit in the front seat, and then adjust the seat and sitting position, then the front head space is 8 refers to the left and right sides, the front seat position remains unchanged, and then I sit in the back seat, 5 refers to the back of the head space is left and right sides, rear legroom is 13 refers to the left and right sides, the whole ride space feels good to me.I open the trunk, trunk volume measurement space size, length is 1070 mm, the minimum width is 975 mm, maximum width is 1440 mm, and height is 510 mm, the baggage compartment volume space size can deal with the daily travel demand roughly, but unfortunately the rear seat does not support slightly down, not further extend the baggage compartment volume.Interior, interior color and appearance color is not disjointed, the same use of black with gold, and the car is covered with more soft materials.You can obviously see the whole shape of the central console is still using asymmetric design, the middle part is still slightly towards the main driver.The center console is equipped with a 10.25-inch horizontal center color screen, so the screen combination of the center console is 10.25-inch center color screen and 12.3-inch color driving computer screen.The shape of the 10.25-inch center control color screen uses trapezoidal design, so it looks wider. Above the 10.25-inch center control color screen is the air conditioner air outlet in the middle. This air conditioner is an automatic control air conditioner, providing the rear air outlet, air conditioning/pollen filtering function in the car.Leather multi-functional steering wheel with flat bottom design provides up and down + front and back adjustment.The modeling design of the leather seat is more athletic, and the interior parts of the front armrest, the back armrest and the back cup holder are provided.Interior experience: Black and gold interior colors make the interior look sporty.The asymmetrical design of the central control console slightly skewed towards the main driver looks like a more special design sense.The 10.25-inch central control color screen has a clear display effect, including GPS navigation system, navigation road information display, Bluetooth/car phone, Hicar mobile phone interconnection mapping, Internet of vehicles, OTA upgrade, voice recognition control system, Wi-Fi hot spot functions.The 12.3-inch color driving computer screen displays novel and comprehensive vehicle information on the spot.The multi-functional control steering wheel is made of leather, so the steering wheel feels good to grip, and because of the use of flat bottom modeling design, so it also has a sense of sport.The seat is made of imitation leather, because the seat is designed to be sporty, so as long as you sit on the main driver’s seat, you can feel the obvious sporty atmosphere.On the configuration side, the active safety configuration is equipped with brake assist, traction control and body stabilization system.The passive safety configuration is equipped with front airbags and front side airbags.The assist/control configuration is equipped with rear parking radar, reversing image, 360° panoramic image, cruise control, automatic parking, uphill assist.The exterior features panoramic sunroof and sporty exterior kit.Comfort/anti-theft features a smart remote key, bluetooth key for the phone, keyless entry for the main driver, and keyless start.The av entertainment configuration is equipped with 11 speakers from the Jamo sound brand.Glass/rearview mirror configuration is equipped with one-click window lifting, window anti-pinch function, external rearview mirror electric adjustment, external rearview mirror heating, external rearview mirror electric folding, external rearview mirror lock auto folding, rain sensitive wiper.At the same time, we provide the super cool set optional package, this super cool set contains the tai Chi black and white appearance, the wind cool black wheel hub, dynamic red calipers, light luxury light gray interior.Configuration experience: Cruise control, automatic parking, uphill assistance make me feel more relaxed and convenient in the test drive, brake assist, traction control, body stability system, front seat airbag, front seat side airbag make me feel more secure in the test drive.Rear parking radar, reversing image and 360° panoramic image make me feel safer and more convenient when I reverse into the storage or side parking.The sporty look kit enhances the sporty feel of the whole look.The panoramic sunroof can be opened, bluetooth key of mobile phone, 11 speakers of Jamo audio brand, electric folding of external rearview mirror and automatic folding of external rearview mirror lock make my test drive feel more upscale.The one-button lifting of the whole car window can make it more convenient for me to control the car window glass while driving, thus improving the safety of using the window glass while driving.In terms of power, it is equipped with DFMC15TE1 1.5T turbocharged L4 in-line four-cylinder engine + oil-electric hybrid. The maximum power of the engine is 120kW (163Ps), the maximum torque is 230N·m, the maximum power speed is 5200rpm, and the maximum torque speed is 1500rm-4500rpm.Fuel label is 92#, fuel supply is cylinder direct injection, discharge in line with national VI B environmental standards.The front single motor has a maximum power of 130kW (177Ps) and a maximum torque of 300N·m. The battery type is ternary lithium battery.Matching with it is e-CVT electronic continuously variable transmission, the gearbox shift lever design is relatively short and concise.Driving mode options offer sporty, ECO, and standard comfort.Power experience: I first adjusted the driving mode to the standard comfort mode, which is frequently used in daily travel. When I started at a stationary start, with the help of the motor, WHEN I pressed the accelerator pedal, I felt the power output was smooth and strong, and it rose to the low speed stage in a short time.In the low speed stage, I felt the power response was timely, and the gearbox almost did not appear rush, so in the daily driving will not disturb the driver, unconsciously rise to the medium speed stage.At medium speed, I felt no delay in the power output, and when I pressed the accelerator pedal deeply for a sharp acceleration, the engine started up and again it took a short time to rise to high speed.At high speeds, the motor and engine work together to provide power, so there is little decline in power output.On the road with almost no vehicles passing by, I conducted a 100km acceleration test on this car. After several repeated tests, the time obtained is about 7s.In driving and riding, steering type is electric power, chassis driving mode is front front drive, front suspension form is Macpherson type independent suspension, rear suspension form is multi-link type independent suspension.Driving experience: The steering wheel is still neither heavy nor light, and the tuning style of the steering wheel will change with the increase of the speed, but it is a little pity that the steering directivity is the tuning style of the family car, so the steering lacks some precision.In daily road driving, I feel that the stability of the chassis is quite good, and small vibrations and bumps are generally filtered.When driving to uneven road, chassis for vibration of the filter is not muddy, can quickly filter out vibration.In the fast turn, the chassis can keep the body attitude stable, you can obviously feel that this is a chassis adjustment with the foundation.