County party secretary guest a mu field broadcast room purchasing line help Xuwen pineapple fragrant piao world

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On February 17th, The secretary of The CPC Xuwen County Party Committee visited the first xuwen pineapple procurement meeting room of Yimu Field, and communicated with 5 international and domestic purchasers from Singapore, Shanghai, Qinghai, Beijing and Guangdong about xuwen pineapple procurement.The first meeting room of Xuwen Pineapple procurement was broadcast live simultaneously on the official platform of Yimu Tian, Guangdong Yimu Tian Video number, South +, Guangdong Radio and TELEVISION International channel, Pearl River Economic Channel and other platforms.Xuwen is the famous “Hometown of Pineapple in China”. One out of every three pineapples in China is produced in Xuwen. Every year after the Spring Festival, the market season of Pineapple in Xuwen will be about 219,000 tons, and the total output will reach 659,000 tons.Xuwen is the source of guangdong agricultural product “12221” market system construction. After 3 years of exploration and practice, Xuwen pineapple “12221” has achieved remarkable results, with three consecutive years of bumper harvest, xuwen pineapple successfully overcome the sales dilemma in 2018, from “unsold fruit” to “rich fruit” for farmers.This year is the fourth year of xuwen Pineapple “12221”. It is of great significance to realize a good start of xuwen pineapple marketing for the overall revitalization of the countryside.The sea of Xuwen pineapples On February 12th, when Xuwen pineapples were about to be listed, the secretary of the County Party Committee and the head of the county issued an invitation letter to purchasers all over the world, which has received extensive attention and response from the society.Since the invitation letter was issued, many buyers have been actively invited, so far, it has attracted more than 100 buyers from Guangdong, Shandong, Hunan, Hong Kong and other domestic, as well as India, Singapore and other domestic and foreign inquiries.On The 17th, Luo Hongxia, secretary of xuwen County Party Committee, entered the reception room of the first pineapple purchase and had a conversation with lianmai, a digital buyer.”Singapore consumers like sweet, sour and fragrant pineapple, and Xuwen pineapple is very much in line with the appetite of consumers here. I have purchased Xuwen pineapple through yimu Tian platform for many years.”A buyer from Singapore said, “Due to the long distance and time of transportation, we hope to strengthen the control of packaging and cold chain logistics of Xuwen pineapple, so as to retain the original sweet and delicious flavor of Xuwen pineapple and give consumers a better consumption experience.””Bali and golden diamond pineapple are two products with high volume. This year, we plan to purchase about 5 million jin of Balinese pineapple,” said Lin Shaoxiang of Guangdong Zhongyuantai Agricultural Products Co., LTD. “In recent years, with the rising popularity of Xuwen pineapple, it has attracted the attention of our buyers.”During the live broadcast, purchasers had an in-depth exchange with Luo Hongxia, secretary of the County Party Committee, on issues such as the launch time of pineapples, in-depth processing of pineapples and relevant preferential purchasing policies. Meanwhile, during the whole live broadcast, online netizens frequently interacted with each other, which further boosted the popularity of Xu Wen’s pineapples.And purchaser attachment xuwen county wei secretary hong-xia luo for best buyers service work, xuwen has established buyer service center, to provide one-stop docking services to purchaser, follow-up will launch star orchard selection, hold the global buyers meeting, continue to build online lounge series of activities, such as fresh cut the pineapple, pineapple, pineapple precast plants food and other products will give consumersBring more diverse sweet experience.Luo Hongxia, secretary of Xuwen County Party Committee, said that Xuwen pineapple has been recognized by more and more people all over the country and even the global market, which is inseparable from the support of purchasers from all over the country. We hope that in the future, we can continue to establish long-term stable cooperative relations with you, mutual benefit and win-win, and move towards a more “sweet” future together.This activity is directed by the Agriculture and Rural department of Guangdong Province, hosted by the People’s Government of Xuwen County, undertaken by Guangdong One-mu Field Network Technology Co., LTD., co-organized by Southern Rural News, Guangdong Radio and TELEVISION International channel, pearl River Economic Station.