Haikou traffic police Wang Wei: All efforts are in the eyes of the people

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Click above “Haikou Politics and Law” you can pay attention to oh, the picture is Wang Wei stick to his post command traffic.”Be completely loyal to the Party and the people, and bear hatred against the enemy.”This is the motto that “revolutionary martyr” and “first-class hero model” Wang Guangsheng left to his son.He died in the line of duty 27 years ago. His son, Wang Wei, was only 11 years old.Wang Wei was determined to follow his father’s footsteps when he was young. When he grew up, he became a traffic policeman. Now he is the captain and second-class police chief of no.6 Company of Meilan Brigade, Traffic Police Detachment, Haikou Public Security Bureau, Hainan Province.He often uses his father’s deeds to spur himself on, blooming in the road traffic front youth “police” color.June 27, 1995, in haikou city a minibus, in the face of 3 robbery criminals, Haikou City public Security Bureau Xinhua branch (now Longhua branch) Interpol Wang Guangsheng in the fight was unfortunately blunt instrument hit the head and was shot in the chest shot, a brave sacrifice.Wang was named “revolutionary martyr” and posthumously awarded “First-class hero model” by the Ministry of Public Security.In Wang Wei’s impression, Wang Guangsheng is a strict father, as long as a look, naughty he immediately convergence obedient.More acquaintances in the impression of Interpol Wang Guangsheng, a righteous, often make criminals terrified by the wind.After the sacrifice of his father, Wang Wei, who originally yearned for the police career, conceived the idea of inheriting his father’s will and continuing to do public security work when he grew up.In 2005, Wang wei lived up to his mother’s expectations and realized his childhood dream of becoming a glorious police officer after he graduated from the Railway Police Academy.After he started working, Wang Wei often urged himself on his father’s deeds: “We should inherit his father’s spirit and constantly strive to do our own work well.””In this uniform, the people are watching!”Today, Wang Wei repeats this phrase to his children when he tells the story of his grandfather, Wang Guangsheng.This is what his father used to say to Wang Wei.Wang Wei was both a commander and a combatant, working with the civilian auxiliary police every day.In daily duty and law enforcement, he paid attention to strengthening the use of police law enforcement recorder and vigorously promoted the standardization of law enforcement.Since 2019, Haidian Squadron has been holding the honorary title of “Demonstration Squadron of Law Enforcement Recorder” in Hainan Province.”The students should strive to be a traffic safety persuaders, remind and supervise parents to drive motor vehicles to fasten seat belts…”Wang Wei speaks during a lecture on traffic safety at meilisha Branch of Hainan Overseas Chinese High School on Nov 4, 2021.In recent years, as the traffic police mid-team leader, wang wei to the campus and the surrounding traffic safety work do deep do fine, take the initiative to contact area of each school docking, set “ZhuXueGang” for 5 schools, adopt the mode of combining ShangFangXue time GuDingGang and patrol duty traffic command, to hunt down the campus surrounding all kinds of traffic violations.At the same time, the organization of publicity team members into the district of primary and secondary schools to carry out traffic safety publicity and education activities.According to the provincial public security traffic police corps school bus inventory of work deployment, wang wei actively organize squadron police into jurisdiction 11 kindergarten and primary and secondary schools to carry out the school bus MoPai work, on the bus and driver’s comprehensive cleaning, tabulation and push overdue year careful, to scrap a standard vehicle prompt rectification, effectively eliminate problems such as traffic safety hidden trouble.Wang wei is the “accident prevention, and other open like” as the primary task of work, they actively research hai dian island jurisdictions accident blind spots and the traffic easy points, a joint relevant departments on road facilities, traffic signs, marking, identification and optimization, brainstorming optimization ShuDu bao chang measures, improve the jurisdiction transportation environment.Due to the relatively concentrated residential areas and catering industry in Haidian Island, standardized parking lots and parking Spaces are in short supply, resulting in a lot of illegal parking of motor vehicles.Wang Wei led the key team members to investigate the streets and lanes for many times, and won the support of the local Party committee and government, allocating more than 300 free time-limited parking Spaces to the sections of Haidian Island that have parking demand and do not affect the road traffic.We will strengthen the allocation of patrol teams and carry out grid patrol control to ensure safe, orderly and smooth roads.On October 8, 2021, under the influence of Typhoon “Lion Rock”, haikou area had two consecutive days of heavy rainfall, resulting in serious water on many roads and falling trees.Haikou three ports and terminals were suspended, thousands of vehicles crossing the sea stranded.In the afternoon of the same day, Wang Wei led 20 police officers of Meilan Brigade to reinforce the Port of Nangang, directed the diversion of vehicles in the rain, guided the parked trucks to park in an orderly manner, patiently did a good job in persuading and comforting the drivers and passengers, and cooperated with the staff to distribute food and daily necessities to the stranded passengers.In the evening, due to seawater flooding, the water level rose from the intersection of Nangang to the intersection of New harbor. Wang Wei organized team members to use police motorcycles to set up cordons and command cars to drive around, while organizing team members to rescue the anchoring cars and drivers. The team members used the “fluorescent green” to illuminate the Ping An Road in the typhoon days.In the past 16 years, Wang Wei has been following his father’s footsteps and writing a new image of haikou traffic police in the new era with his own practical actions.On December 2, 2021, the Ministry of Public Security issued a circular praising 100 traffic police officers with outstanding achievements across the country, and Wang Wei was among them.In January 2022, Wang Wei was selected as “the most Beautiful Policeman of Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau” in 2021.If you like this article, please share it with me in moments. 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