“Huhu shengwei open a new bureau,” do not miss the time to prepare spring farming to stabilize the basic agricultural plate

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Central radio Network Beijing On February 4 news (reporter Zhu Min) according to the China Media Group voice of China “News and Aspect” reported that February 4 is the 24 solar terms of the first solar term of spring.The start of spring means that the temperature is getting warmer, everything is reviving, and spring farming begins.Especially in the south of China, the fields are busy.As a Chinese saying goes, a year’s plan starts with spring. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has made it clear that in 2022, we will do everything possible to boost grain production and ensure that the annual grain output will continue to exceed 500 million metric tons.How to lay the foundation for annual grain production from spring ploughing?The voice of China specially planned “Tiger Tiger Opens a new bureau”, this issue launched “not missing the time to prepare spring ploughing to stabilize the agricultural basic plate”.In Lecun Village, Xifang Town, Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province, ditches and fields are being dug and levelled in an all-round way. Straight mechanized farming roads and square plots of farmland have taken shape.Deng Wenxuan, a busy villager, said, “The field used to be farmed with cattle, but now it can be mechanized with high efficiency and irrigation channels have been improved.”To further consolidate the foundation for food security and ensure food security, Anyuan County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, introduced “core” policies such as subsidies for early rice seedling cultivation, comprehensive subsidies for agricultural materials and subsidies for agricultural machinery purchase.Take advantage of the opportunity of the Spring Festival, arrange county professional technical backbone, township (town) related technical personnel, onto the field, guide farmers to plant rice scientifically.At the same time, driven by the grain industry, pry the enthusiasm of food and agriculture.Lai Hongmei, a large grain farmer in Fucun village, Kongtian Mayor of Anyuan County, said: “There are many rewards and subsidies, and people are very enthusiastic about planting. And now all the production is mechanized. With policy and technical support, we have more confidence in planting grain.”Ensuring food security, arousing farmers’ enthusiasm for growing grain and increasing farmers’ income are important.Prices of staple crops such as wheat and corn have been hovering at low levels for many years, which has become an important factor affecting farmers’ enthusiasm for planting grain.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has made it clear that it will appropriately raise the minimum purchase prices of wheat and rice this year.Pan Wenbo, director of the Crop management department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said, “The government will continue to increase support for grain production this year, ensure the minimum purchase prices for wheat and rice, and stabilize farmers’ income expectations.We will coordinate the implementation of subsidies for corn and soybean producers and subsidies for rice, expand the coverage of policies such as crop rotation, the campaign to promote green and high-yield grain production, and commercial agricultural services, and encourage local governments to focus on grain production and farmers to cultivate grain.”In 2021, henan, a major grain-producing province, was hit by rare floods, which reduced the province’s grain production.Restoring grain output this year will be an arduous task.To this end, farmers are not idle winter.This winter, Henan Hebijun county grain farmers weekly position has been a bit different, in previous years “winter leisure” into “winter busy”.The late-sown wheat has grown into patches of green, full of the promise of spring.Next to the wheat fields, dug ditches were on full scale.Construction of high-standard farmland resumed two days later, Zhou weiqi said. “Since all the facilities were destroyed by the flood, we will start rebuilding after planting wheat, which will not affect normal management of the wheat field until March or April.The wheat is still growing well. I feel there is no problem with the wheat harvest and FEEL at ease.”Floods damaged 7.6 million mu of farmland facilities in Henan in 2021.According to the implementation plan of post-disaster reconstruction of high-standard farmland construction in Henan Province, the reconstruction projects of non-high-standard farmland destroyed by floods and high-standard farmland destroyed by floods of class ⅰ will realize the majority of the main projects and the benefit of engineering facilities by the end of this year.Class II restoration projects will be completed by the end of June this year.Song Huzhen, director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Henan Province, said the province will keep its annual grain output stable at over 130 billion jin in 2022.”We will actively promote the construction of high-standard farmland.This year, we plan to build 7.56 million hectares of high-grade farmland and repair 5.72 million hectares of farmland damaged by floods. We will increase production capacity through innovation in science and technology, organization and models.”The construction of high standard farmland is the key measure to ensure grain harvest in drought and flood.Agricultural NongCunBu farmland construction administration yong-tian guo pointed out that in terms of the country, built this year will total 1 billion acres of cropland, “we will provide guidance to planning for the construction of the region’s high standard farmland to speed up the construction of national, provincial, city and county level 4 farmland construction planning system, to ensure that by 2022 cumulative built 1 billion mu of high standard farmland,This will ensure a stable grain production capacity of over 500 million metric tons.By 2025, we will build 1.75 billion mu of high-standard farmland to steadily ensure grain production capacity of over 500 million metric tons.”According to the plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the focus of consolidating grain output this year will be to stabilize grain and expand grain production, stabilize corn production, expand soybean production and expand oil production.On stabilizing grain supplies, we will stabilize rice and wheat, double cropping rice in southern China, and harvest summer wheat.On stabilizing corn, we will increase the yield per unit area of corn and consolidate and increase production capacity.In terms of soybean expansion, a reasonable corn and soybean rotation system should be established to guide the expansion of soybean in northeast China, and soybean and corn belt composite planting should be promoted in northwest China and Huang-Huai-hai and other suitable areas.In the oil expanding material, adhere to winter rape, spring rape, peanut, oil sunflower, sesame and other oil simultaneously.Tang Renjian, minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said, “Grain output will continue to exceed 500 million metric tons to ensure a good summer harvest.We have no retreat. We must fight this tough battle with a desperate attitude and super-normal and super-strong strength.”