Shrimp with orange and black garlic and mustard, salted pork roll with rotten skin, taro with scallion

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Orange and black garlic Wasabi Shrimp Ingredients & Ingredients: Shrimp, white wine, black pepper, sea salt, black garlic, wasabi, orange, garnish leaves How to do it: Remove the head and shell from the shrimp, open the back to remove the shrimp strings, clean and drain the water on the surface.Saute the prawns in a little olive oil, add three tablespoons of white wine, black pepper and sea salt to taste.Mash in black garlic and mustard, add orange juice and orange meat, stir in prawns, thinly slice oranges and place on prawns, garnish with leaves.Egg bacon volume ingredients & ingredients: pork bellies, parsley, egg, water chestnut, starch, egg, salt, white pepper, sesame oil, green onion ginger approach: the streaky pork chop and horseshoe peeling after chop and after mixed with salt, white pepper, sesame oil, green onion ginger, add eggs, starch, sesame oil made from meat.The rotten skin is spread flat, smeared with meat, sealed with egg white and steamed.Take it out and let it cool, then turn it into a suitable section. Fry the semi-finished products in the oil pan until golden. Remove the oil and place on the plate, garnish with coriander.Scallion fragrant taro food & ingredients: taro, minced garlic, salt, sugar, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, white pepper, scallion, oil: taro peeled and steamed in advance, heat up the pot and fry the garlic minced, put in taro to stir fragrant, add salt, sugar, raw soy sauce to adjust the flavor, put in dark soy sauce to color.Color evenly and remove from the pot. Sprinkle with white pepper, scallion and sprinkle with hot oil.