The old man sun quilt dropped 1700 yuan, the result is very warm heart!

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Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on March 15 (reporter Chen Qixiong) March 15 morning, living in jiangxia Miao Hill a residential area of an old man to the area to dry the quilt, her daughter accidentally put in the quilt of 1700 yuan of cash lost in the vacant area.The old man knew nothing at that time and returned home after drying his quilt.Touching, two women from the same community picked up the money, they tried to contact the old man and returned all the money to him.Money dropped on the floor.Guo Ting, owner of miaoshan Special transformer Factory in Jiangxia District, told Changjiang Daily that at 9:31 am, she and her niece, Yang Ling, were returning home after shopping at a supermarket outside the community. When they passed by the empty lot in front of the first unit of a building in the community, they saw many 100-yuan bills scattered on the ground.She quickly turned on the camera of her phone, snapped a few pictures and sent them to the community owners asking, “Whose money is all over the place?”Many owners paid attention, and they forwarded the news and helped her find out who the owner was.After discussing with her niece, Guo decided to pick up the money one by one and use a mobile phone camera to take a video of their process of picking up money as evidence.After she and her niece picked up all the money, they counted it and found a total of 1,700 yuan.She and her niece waited at the scene for more than 10 minutes, but did not wait for the owner to return to their home.Guo Ting in the community owner group release looking for the owner of the news.At 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the head of the miao Mountain health kindergarten in the community, MAO Ling, told Guo Ting in the community owner group, after checking, the surveillance camera in front of the kindergarten caught the owner, the owner is living in the community a unit on the second floor of an old man.At 9:28 am, the old woman went to dry the quilt on the ground outside the first floor, and the money fell from the quilt to the ground. “She didn’t realize she had lost the money!”MAO Ling took the initiative to help Guo Ting in the owner group of information, soon contacted the old man’s family.Its family and Guo Ting agree, will be in the place that throws money to meet with Guo Ting, so that take back these money from guo Ting hand.At 1:00 PM, Guo returned the money to the old man.Guo Ting (second from left) gives the money back to the elderly.Changjiang Daily reporter learned that the old man who lost the money is called Yu Chunzhi, 80 years old.Her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson had all gone on business that morning, leaving her alone.When she saw the sun coming out, she carried the quilt on her daughter’s bed to the ground floor.She had no idea that her daughter would tuck the money into the quilt.After the money fell from the quilt to the floor, she had no idea.Until the daughter called her: “Mom, did you dry the quilt?Do you know that you have lost the money I put in the quilt?”‘I don’t know!Later, she learned that her daughter got the news from the owners.Yu Chunzhi introduced that the same day at 1:00 PM, the daughter family went home to accompany her to the place where the money was lost, from the hands of Guo Ting back all the money.It turned out that her daughter had put the 1,700 yuan into the folded quilt before she left home that morning.Afterwards, the daughter and others bought milk to guo Ting home to express gratitude.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.