These four places in the bear world are great, but you don’t see them

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Responding to bear as a child for the 3 d diffuse works, really is very good, almost every year to a film version of the work, is usually the diffuse can’t do, but also created a huge number of classical role, the strong baldheaded, and Xiong Daxiong two, zhao Lin, and so on, and draw today ship people come together detailed said the good place.Actually, these four places in the bear world are very good, but you don’t see them. The first one is very good:As a 3D type of animation, its production level is really not low, even in the first Boonie bears, now it seems to be very wonderful, many of the details of the characters are well dealt with, a few years ago in today’s work is still better than some new animation picture quality.Xiong Daxiong 2, the bald strong image is advancing with The Times, continuous progress.The second place is very excellent: the roles are rich in the three main characters in the bear is bald strong and xiong Daxiong two, but the roles are not only them, in the animal role there are Jiji Maomao, Tu Tu Bouncy, turnip head, walking chicken, small Arctic bear and so on.In the human role, there are boss Li, Boss Wang, fantasy space boss, circus boss, travel agency boss and a series of mysterious roles, is really very rich.In the Boonie World adventure, there are iron Palm master, Toto, cuihua and other roles, really countless.The third very excellent place: a lot of handsome men and women in the bear haunt, in addition to the bald qiang is not very handsome, in fact, there are a lot of handsome men and women.On the beauty, there are the first beauty Na Ya, lovely beauty Zhao Lin, exotic beauty Beth, beautiful female ninja Shang Wenjie, and even soy sauce role archeological female assistant, etc.On the handsome side, there are salta, the reindeer boy, Tseng Soon-hee, the boss of Fantasy Space, and the second in command of the legion.The fourth place is very good: there are a lot of fantastic scenery bears in the strange scenery is very much, daily is beautiful Bear ridge, bear ridge there is a large lake, very spectacular and beautiful, but also can see the sunset.In the Jungle Book, the animals and plants are beyond our knowledge. In the words of Coco, the archeological robot, it is not scientific.In addition, there are mysterious White Bear Mountain is also very yearning, and the bear adventure diary in the snow mountain is also very beautiful.In summary, these four places are really outstanding in the bear world. You didn’t know it before, but you didn’t realize it.