Xi ‘an’s third longhu Sky Street was settled in the space base

2022-07-28 0 By

The landing of commercial supporting facilities plays a significant role in improving the quality of life in the region. Recently, the list of 2022 municipal key projects of the space Base was released.According to the contents of the list, it can be determined that the third Longhu Sky Street in Xi ‘an — Longhu Creative Sky Street will be settled in space.In addition, there are space Creative Valley, Xinghe Commercial Square, Sino-Shaanxi Nuclear Commercial Complex, Jinlusihai Tang Le Street and other projects.Longhu Creative Sky Street is located at the southeast corner of the cross of Shenzhou 4th Road and Hangchuang Road of the space Base. It can be seen from the map that the project is close to the east Chang ‘an Station of Metro Line 4. The buildings near the street mainly include Shanshui Xiangdi, Space Xintiandi, Longhu Winding River bank and Dahua Jinxiu Front City.According to the official public information, the Longhu Creative Sky Street project is developed by Xi ‘an Longhu Real Estate Development Co., LTD., with a total investment of 3.10 million yuan, covering an area of 50 mu and a total construction area of about 400,000 square meters.It is planned to build a commercial complex park integrating commerce, leisure, office and catering, which is also a new center of urban creative industry integrating cultural and creative office, cultural and creative park, creative bookstore and black technology experience store.Longhu Sky Street, a one-stop commercial complex integrating shopping, catering, leisure and entertainment, is the “happy entrance to the city”.Longhu Xi ‘an Tiantian Street is the first project of Longhu Tiantian brand in northwest China, which opened grand on December 11, 2020.Longhu Second Sky Street in Xi ‘an is located in the east of the city, which is separated from the Happiness Forest Belt. It is expected to open in 2024.Longhu Creative Sky Street, located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Shenzhou 4th Road and Hangchuang Road, is the third Longhu Sky Street in Xi ‘an. It is planned to be built in 2023-2025, and the project is still in the preliminary reserve stage.