Chapter 17 in The End of the Sandworm

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Author: Yuxuan Liu Zhiyuan is also upset, the fat man said: “You say their weapons from where to come?”This time, Liu Zhiyuan did not answer.The bus has already left the city, Liu Zhiyuan carefully looked at the block: not a car is empty.But there are more people than in the last city.A dozen buildings away and a head sticking out.But they really don’t have the power to help them right now.Liu Zhiyuan some tired, lying in the back seat slowly to sleep.He dreamed that he was 10 years old and walking home, wondering what his mother would cook for him and his brother that night.But just walked to the community, heard the alarm, the child fixed eyes on a look, that is not their own house that building!He quickened his pace, but it was no use!His family’s closest father and mother, the most lovely brother, have left him liu Zhiyuan desperately shouted “no!”He banged his head on the top of the car, causing a big bump.Fatty see Liu Zhiyuan wake up, then ask a way: “you have no matter?””Me!!!!!!!I’m fine!”Liu Zhiyuan touched his head and said.He looked out of the window again and wondered when it was already dark.He looked at the fat man’s round face and at his clothes. They were all green with blood, and even the air smelled faintly of insect blood.Liu Zhiyuan frowned slightly, but really don’t want to ask the fat man, turned his head in the past.”Zhiyuan, I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?”Liu Zhiyuan stared blankly and said: “Good news!”The fat man smiled and said: “We have arrived at the military museum of XXX city, it is a good news!”Liu Zhiyuan nods: “be be, bad news?”The fat man still smiled and said: “the car had no oil and stopped at 20 kilometers away from that!””If we walk four kilometers a day in five days, at the lowest, we can do it?”Liu Zhiyuan said looking at the fat man.”Yes, but we must get there as soon as possible.You can’t use your word “go”. It’s too slow.So you need to find a bike.””That’s easy for a soldier who fought in the Third World War!””What, you fought in The Third War?””Asked the fat man in surprise.”Yes.”Liu Zhiyuan calmly said.