It’s the same Dragon, but it’s a different set of words

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“Chung Zhang Menglong qing tablet” in northern wei xiao Ming emperor is light three years (in 522), the full name of the Wei Lujun satrap zhang fu jun qing monuments of praise “, now in shandong qufu Confucius temple, the amount of Yin, the inscriptions written ode Wei Lujun satrap Zhang Menglong school achievement, BeiYin as the title, the ancients evaluate its book “the teachings Qiu has opened the threats of portal”, known as “wei rubbings first” to be the world.Regular script twenty-six lines, forty-six words, is one of the late wei Bei.Inscriptions and calligraphy are written with pen and square, and the words are long. Although the strokes are horizontal and vertical, there are many changes, which are natural and elegant.Xiaobian new into Tianjin renmei “Zhang Long Monument” a book, rub, set word eight words of twelve than, points as follows, chat about a charm.A jian Jing holding section LAN Yi, lonely wind thousands of miles;Zhuo clothes, lotus dew, weak water side.Two heart of the river Yue yingling, song gentleman de;Linquan Gao zhi, nourishing the ancients.Three old Du Xuan mian youyou, when the song taishou;Fengshen hair, admire the general alone;Four huaiguyuan gully floating, open qingming scene;The sea and the sky moved, from the Wind of Han and Wei.The five obsession moon shadow shen Yuan, only fish guard;The sound of pines in the valley, there is a crane return.Its six long guest month according to autumn cloud, sidi son;The wind blows the spring grass, do not advise Wang Sun.Its seven Gantang Avenue in this, the British emblem wonderful Jane;The spirit of the source is so, shade cover qinggao.Its eight crazy absolute wind dew qingjin, sansheng if hyun.Frost Hua whitehead, a chant and deep.Its nine butterfly beauty song please, days open month lang;Learn from good friends, the wind is yunping.Its ten bright bright lang shenguang, meditating alone;Xi Ping dahua, heterogeneous gu Fang.Its eleven leisurely access to the world, flashy;There is nothing like friendship.Its twelve gods wild crane square habitat, cloud magazine stone;The dragon came forth like snow to the sky.Zhuanlian · set word | Mo Fei