Nine sectors: the elderly, such as disability and advanced age, will be included in the key groups of medical and nursing services

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The combination of medical care and elderly care is an important measure to realize healthy aging and meet the needs of the elderly for health care services.The NHC and nine other departments jointly issued a notice on the Action to Improve community Medical and Elderly Care Capacity.The circular pointed out that the focus of the service is to provide health education, prevention and health care, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, rehabilitation and nursing, as well as palliative care for the elderly with disabilities, chronic diseases, advanced age and disabilities, while taking care of daily life.According to the circular, relying on qualified medical and health care, elderly care and other community service institutions in townships and towns, effectively utilizing existing resources, improving the ability to combine medical and elderly care services in home communities, promoting the organic connection between grassroots medical and health care services and elderly care services, and effectively meeting the health and elderly care service needs of the elderly in the areas under their jurisdiction.According to the circular, the following activities will be carried out: first, improve the capacity of medical and elderly care services, provide professional, standardized and safe medical and elderly care services for the elderly within the jurisdiction, and ensure the quality of medical and elderly care services;Second, give full play to the role of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, strengthen the promotion of appropriate traditional Chinese medicine technology, and develop traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation services;Third, strengthen the building of the medical workforce, support medical staff to participate in the combination of medical and nursing services in home communities, expand the number of service teams, and strengthen the continuing medical education of medical staff;Fourth, improve the level of informatization, carry out smart and healthy elderly care services, promote regional medical and elderly care information exchange and data sharing, and improve the efficiency and level of services;Fifth, to improve the facility conditions, community health service institutions, township health centers or community elderly care institutions, and support service facilities for the extremely poor (nursing homes) can use existing resources to internally upgrade and expand community (township) medical and nursing service facilities.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: