Original Quantum, set two “small goals” this year

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On February 11, the reporter walked into the Quantum office area located in Hefei High-tech Zone “Quantum Avenue”, where there is no machine roaring, people are coming and going, except for the occasional low voice of staff discussion, ear is the sound of splat keyboard tapping, revealing a different kind of busy atmosphere.As we all know, quantum computing is exponentially faster than classical computing. This feature is applied to the financial industry, and accelerating computing speed in risk analysis will be like a tiger with wings added.At the end of last year, benyuan Quantum r&d team launched a new application — Portfolio optimization application on Benyuan Quantum Cloud platform.The application can quickly find the best return portfolio for a given risk appetite from all portfolios.Computing speed has been raised, and how to make it more convenient for users is one of the most important issues considered by the research and development team.Since returning to work on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, Wang and his team member Xu Gong have been working to solve this problem. “In fact, since the launch of the app, we have been thinking about how to iterate and upgrade the app to make it more convenient for users.””Our r&d team also kept in touch with each other by phone and wechat during the Spring Festival and began to work as soon as we got back to work,” Wang said.It won’t be long before a ‘brand new’ app is available to users.”Say that finish, two people again bury oneself in a low voice to discuss work detail to go.”On the first day of work after the holiday, more than 60 colleagues in our department all returned to work, and now everyone is carrying out research and development along the established direction.”Benyuan quantum quantum application department director Ye Li said.Since its inception, Benyuan Quantum has established the business system and development goals covering the whole chain of quantum computing.In addition to the most core quantum computer research and development, promotion and application, it also has a layout in quantum chips, quantum measurement and control, quantum software, quantum applications and quantum education and other fields.In 2020, the team assembled The country’s first superconducting quantum computer, Benyuan Wuyuan.Benyuan Quantum is the only quantum computing company that can deliver the complete machine in China.”We set ourselves two ‘small goals’ this year, one is to deliver a new quantum computer to users, and the other is to continue to explore the possibility of quantum computing in the application of finance, biomedicine, artificial intelligence and other fields.”Benyuan Quantum general manager Zhang Hui said.After several years of development, the scale of the staff of Origin Quantum has expanded from the initial dozen to nearly 300 people at present.The team has a high proportion of master’s degrees.”As a company in the ‘industry of the future’, we are hungry for research and development personnel.This year we hope to grow the team to about 500 people.”Zhang hui said.And the recent Hefei city issued “stable enterprise efficiency 9” New Deal to the “global talent” quantum source of a “gift package”.”Our company has a large number of talents from other provinces. It is clear that there will be subsidies for those who have not registered permanent residence in Hefei, which is very helpful for us to introduce talents and promote the building of talent team for enterprise development.”Zhang hui said.Text/photography | all media reporter Zhao Junsong editing < | all media editor Wu Qingpei product | "lake by" media studio