Warm news! When the stubborn lost old man met “broken” police, the streets staged a warm scene late at night

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On March 26, it rained all day.At nine o ‘clock in the evening, shapingba District public security branch 110 fast team police are patrolling the streets, received a public alarm, said in yangli road traffic lights intersection, found a lost old man in need of help.Police quickly rushed to the designated location, see a winter hat wearing cotton clothes head old man, walking on crutches, standing on the sidewalk.Several warm-hearted people surrounded the old man, some holding umbrellas, some asking for his home address, very concerned.The person who called the police, Sister Sun, said that ten minutes ago, she came out from a roadside restaurant after dinner, saw the old man, leaning on crutches, alone, without an umbrella, stumbling along the road, mumbling something.Confused, Sun asked for a few words.The old man for a while said to take water to drink, for a while said to take food, preface does not take language, thinking some confusion.It was cold and the road was slippery, and the old man looked very old and unsteady. If anything should go wrong, the consequences would be terrible.Think of here, Ms. Sun hurried to the police for help.The police tried to communicate with the old man, but he could not tell his name and did not carry valid documents. He only said that he lived in a nearby community and could walk back by himself.The police put forward to send him back, but the old man stubbornly refused to take the police car, how to persuade all useless.The police had to support the old man all the way, slowly walk forward.But after only a few meters, the old man suddenly turned around and said, “You can go home. I can walk by myself. Thank you.”Police dare not careless, continue to follow, do not leave.In this way, the old man turned back after three steps, insisting that he could walk back without bothering the police.The police had to open the mode and chat to distract their attention.”Old man, you walk slowly and pay attention to the uneven road ahead.””Is the front of that community?Just go on.””We’ll be there in a few minutes. There’s no hurry.””Usually don’t come out alone, otherwise the family worried”……Walk for more than 10 minutes, fast to the door of the community, a young woman ran over, a hold on the old man, “Grandpa, where did you go!The whole family went crazy.”After verification, it is the old man’s granddaughter.She said he was two years shy of his 100th birthday and had Dementia.A little over an hour ago, the family escaped unnoticed.Later, we found that grandpa was gone, immediately looked for, but never found.At her wits’ end, she saw her grandfather come back under the help of the police, and the stone in the heart of the family finally fell to the ground.The police handed the old man into her hands, told her and her family to pay more attention to the old man, try to avoid the old man alone.The woman nodded repeatedly and thanked the police repeatedly.Xiaobian reminds chongqing recently rainy weather more, wet road.If there is an old man in the home, we must pay more attention to avoid going out alone. It is easy to get lost and slip on rainy days. The old man must be accompanied to avoid danger.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn