Will taoyuan County mechanical and electrical adult secondary professional school recruit former students, transfer students in 2022

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School Nature: Private school type: Ordinary Secondary vocational school Enrollment code: 072502 Sponsor: Pan Bingwu School Establishment Time: 1976-03-05 Number of students: 595Taoyuan county get jiang town flower road no. 8 five-year college transfer from technical secondary school, hunan admissions consulting the 151-1613-3713 (the same as in micro letter | | |) basic conditions:Total number of full-time teachers Number of professional teachers Number of “double qualified teachers” Number of teachers with bachelor’s degree or above Number of teachers with graduate degree or master’s degree 44, 37 teachersThe data of the school’s floor area, building area and number of full-time teachers come from the main honors and features of the school of municipal and prefectural Education (Sports) Bureau:Taoyuan County Agricultural Mechanization School, founded in 1976, approved by the provincial government, the provincial Department of Education, the provincial bureau of Agricultural Machinery for record by the county government sponsored, county bureau of agricultural machinery, education bureau of dual supervision of secondary vocational school.Approved by the provincial government in 1996, it was renamed as Taoyuan County Mechanical and electrical adult Secondary professional school.In 2006, the “state-owned private” model was introduced to run the school.Located in taoyuan county city center, the original Zhangjiang town Huanghua Road no. 8, the traffic is smooth, fast and convenient.School characteristics adhere to the “service as the purpose, create mechanical and electrical characteristics, employment-oriented, create practical talents”.Docking market to set up a major, docking posts to open courses, docking workshop to grasp teaching, docking enterprises to grasp employment.All graduates with the school issued by the graduation certificate, professional qualification certificate, driving license, our school many well-known enterprises long-term joint unit employment zero distance.The employment rate of 100 | %, employment of 91% or more.And high pay, promotion fast.The school plans to recruit 200 students in 2021.2021 local (Changde city) sub-professional enrollment plan No. Enrollment Professional educational system enrollment target Talent training program Core course charging standard (YUAN/year) Planned enrollment Number Remarks 1 Computer network technology 3 years graduating junior high school 8900 yuan 100 people 2 Automobile application and maintenance 3 years8900 YUAN 50 students 3 Electronic technology application for 3 years 8900 Yuan 50 students in total 200 students 1. New students will come to our school as scheduled to register and go through the admission procedures.2. You are required to bring your ID card or household register to register.3, Freshmen do not need to bring bedding and main daily necessities (such as, bucket, towel, hanger, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.), the school provides free.4. Pay attention to safety and take good care of your valuables on the way to school.5. Freshmen receive legal education, security education, national defense education and participate in military training.6. Military uniforms and school uniforms are ordered after coming to school.7, freshmen can re-choose the major after coming to school, into the college entrance examination class or skills class study.8. Guide to school: you can take no.1, no.2 and no.3 bus from Zhangjiang Town, Taoyuan County to the intersection of Huanghua Middle Road (next to dadi Electrical Supermarket) and get off 30 meters to the east.School Address: No.08 huanghua Middle Road, Zhangjiang Town, Taoyuan County.The five-year junior college and technical secondary school of hunan, spring transfer admissions consulting the 151-1613-2939 (the same as in micro letter | | |)