Wustation and Guantian station on Shenzhen Metro Line 6 resumed normal operations

2022-07-29 0 By

This article is from: China Industrial Network Source:Zhonggong net zhonggong February 20, shenzhen metro group co., LTD. The official weibo “shenzhen metro” announcement said, informed by the superior units, since the beginning of the 20th, shenzhen metro line 6 house standing, kanden standing back to normal operations, line 5, Yang mei, sakata stand to suspend operation service remains unchanged, the two sides to the train station by, the recovery time for further notice.Warm reminder: Members of the public are advised to make proper travel arrangements, take good personal protection, and cooperate with the staff to take temperature and check the “health code”.Screenshots of “Shenzhen Metro” Micro-blog