Zhang Jike makes accidental decision, Liu Shiwen is completely disheartened and disheartened, ke Wen loves to blow up completely

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Beijing time on February 9, the ping team has begun preparation for gathering in hainan and the team’s spring training plan is mainly for the start of the march WTT grand slam of the Singapore station, and chengdu world championships began in April, the two game to follow for the ping is also very busy, so liu guoliang also need through the first half of the two series,We will spare no effort to finish the sprint work for the Paris Olympic Cycle, and at the same time, we will further complete the transition between the new and the old, and select talents for the Paris Olympic cycle.It is worth mentioning that the veteran ping liu shiwen after comeback after WTT Macao brave performance, not only partner Xu Xin won the mixed doubles champion, also got the women’s singles runner-up, became the best player, no one, so that liu shiwen such state if retirement is too bad, so liu guoliang will continue to give liu shiwen trust,Especially the next grand Slam, Liu shiwen is also full of expectations.We see xiao Jujube so hard attitude, are also moved.Many support thread jujube fans know, of course, is 31 years old, she was no longer young, so far still single, after the ping of charming story of a romance love Vivian, Zhang Jike and liu shiwen, the relationship is also widespread, although Zhang Jike into the entertainment circle, but they also know that after Zhang Jike and liu shiwen feelings is very good,So also has been looking forward to two people can come together again in the future, two people in the future if they can have a child, there will be very high table tennis talent, which will also become a great news of the country ping.But in recent days, according to the network media, according to latest news fact Zhang Jike suspected found a new girlfriend, recently has been photographed many times Zhang Jike Zhang Rui drive cars to go out shopping, it may also suggest that Zhang Jike is about to usher in a new relationship, only people waiting for their official officer xuan, but this message is for liu shiwen blow is very big,After all, Liu shiwen is still a person, and the age is not small, the future of the relationship when can be formally finalized, also attracted high attention.And with Zhang Jike suspected after looking for a new girlfriend, this also let liu shiwen can completely lose hope forget Zhang Jike, future thread jujube should choose a new start, whether business or love should be double harvest, after all, liu shiwen is large, it is time to consider personal problems, as a player into the athletes at the end of his career,She needs to make a long-term plan for the future, we sincerely wish xiao Zao can find her prince Charming as soon as possible, can live a happy life in the future, but also look forward to her in the new Round of the Olympic cycle, continue to create more surprises and miracles.