130,000 up and down coupe, night game dazzle MAX, 1890mm wide body, exaggerated design, love

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Foreword: life is movement, the development of the car also cannot leave the sport two words, the development of the automobile, the roadster sports car ran at the forefront of history, after recent years of development, and domestic automobile industry also gradually closer to the world trend, especially the level of car models, not just limited to walking, used also to satisfy everyone love for sports performance.And the threshold of the movement is becoming more and more people, is no longer the former frequently hundreds of thousands of millions, of thousands can also drive a sharp shape, good road performance, night game dazzle MAX can role, open it to work can earn enough to lead, yi dazzle MAX night version of the two models, price is 12.79 and 137900 respectively,A fuel version of a mixed version, the same exaggerated appearance, I saw the first love.Dongfeng Fengshenyi Dazzle MAX night edition is positioned as a medium-sized car, the body size is 4817mm/1890mm/1475mm, and the wheelbase is 2770mm. From the data, we can see that the body design is extraordinary. The width of the body is 1890mm, so that it can be considered as a wide-body sedan car, it is worth mentioning that the whole body black gold with matte color design,As if the dark messenger came, the appearance of the design is obvious to all, such a combat style design, not from the hands of the modified, and all the dongfeng fengshen night game dazzle MAX original kit, the appearance of exaggerated beauty beyond words, we see.The interior is also mainly black, which is covered by cool black suede, which is cool in comfort. There are no extra keys in the car, and the function control is handed over to two large 12.3+10.25 inch screens, which makes voice control particularly convenient, and also supports mobile phone interconnection/mapping and configuration of the Internet of vehicles.Although the game dazzle MAX Night Dawn version is a bit more complete than the game Dazzle MAX Night Light version configuration, but the basic configuration is not discounted, there is no significant difference in function.In terms of power, it has been mentioned before that the Night Game MAX has two kinds of power, the fuel version and the hybrid version. The engine also carries 1.5T cylinder direct injection engine, but the power is different. The fuel version has a maximum net power of 140kW, a maximum horsepower of 190, and a maximum torque of 300Nm.The hybrid engine has a maximum power of 120kW, a maximum horsepower of 163, and a maximum torque of 230Nm. Matching with the permanent magnet synchronous motor of 130kW, its strength can not be underestimated, and its power strength is quite outstanding in the same level of models.Car ride space thanks to the excellent body size, comfort is also a highlight of this car, spacious interior space is the basis of the passengers sitting not tired, plus close skin faux suede material package, also may be to a long drive, take a look at the night game dazzle MAX sexy tail, exaggeration and full of wild, beautiful.Conclusion:It is said that manufacturers also provide scissors door suite, but cash model is not installed, this is also a game show MAX night version of the biggest bright spot, in general, the movement of a 130000 model, design, space, configuration, power can have such outstanding performance is very good, the biggest advantage is put below the many design in the real car,I believe young people will praise it, as well as the increasingly bold design of domestic cars.