An unremarkable coup threatened to turn the “three” into a “two”

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Since Cao Cao volunteered to take charge of the eastern Han dynasty, there were four coups against Cao Cao.The first incident occurred in the first month of the 5th year of Jian ‘an (200th). In the first month of the 5th year of Jian ‘an (200th), Emperor Xian of han, unable to bear cao Cao’s arbitrary power and all manner of bully, cut his finger and wrote a letter with blood, sewed it in his dress belt, and secretly gave it to his father-in-law Dong Cheng, who ordered him to organize “volunteer army” to sweep Cao Cao out of the house.After obtaining zhao, Dong Cheng privately contacted several han dynasty survivors — Chong Ji, Wu Shuo, Wang Zifu, Liu Bei, Wu Zilan, etc., and set up the “Brigade of Cao Cao”.But before he started, cao Cao cracked the secret and sent him to the guillotine one by one.As liu Bei led his troops out of the country, he slipped through the net.The second time also happened in the fifth year of Jian ‘an (200 years). Cao Cao, enraged by shame, killed Dong Cheng and others, and then extended his knife to Dong Cheng’s daughter, Dong Guiren, who was the noblewoman of Emperor Xian of han.Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty begged Cao Cao several times to spare his life because of his pregnancy, but Cao Cao did not pay any attention to him.Empress Fu wrote a letter to her father, Fu Wan, to denounce Cao Cao’s violence, and asked her father to inherit Dong Cheng’s unfinished “revolution” cause, to remove Cao’s cause to the end.But The end of the fu fear of Cao Cao, always dare not act.Nine years later, in 209, the 14th year of Jian ‘an, Fu Wan died.Five years later, the 19th year of Jian ‘an (214), Empress Fu’s “schemes” were exposed. Cao Cao immediately sent empress Fu and her two sons to hell, and killed more than 100 of her clan members.The third one happened in the spring of the twenty-third year of Jian ‘an (218), when the Doctor of the Han Dynasty ordered Him to do what he did for Gengji, What he did for Wei huang, and what he did for Jin, Ji Miao, Gibbon’s son. Seeing that Cao Cao had made the Emperor Xian-what he did look like, he felt deeply upset, so he decided to use all his money to assemble more than one thousand kamikaze soldiers.Armed with sticks, a butcher knife, a few bows and arrows, and torches, he rushed to the prime Minister’s house at midnight.The party first burned down the gate of the prime minister’s house, and then burst into the courtyard Shouting.The original intention of Ji Ben and Geng Ji was to kill Cao Cao and then abduct Emperor Xian of Han to go to Guan Yu to assist Liu Bei in restoring the Han Dynasty.Gibbon, Geng Ji and others searched the house by house, but found that Cao Cao was awOL, not in the house.As a matter of fact, Cao Cao had already gone to his own territory — Yecheng, leaving only a dozen people, including Wang Bi, the general secretary, on duty at the prefecture.Seeing the sound of killing outside and the flames blazing, Wang Bi quickly rolled out of bed and jumped on the window sill in his underwear. Just as he was about to open the window to escape, Ji Miao and others broke in. Seeing someone at the window, they fired their bow and hit Wang Bi right in the left arm.Suffering severe pain, Wang hit his head against a window, rolled and crawled through a small door in the back yard to the back street, and hobbled and stumbled to the courtyard door of his friend Jin Yi, less than a stone’s throw from the prime minister’s house.Jin yi!Open the door quickly! ‘His family heard the cry and believed that his comrades-in-arms came to deliver the news of victory.So, while opening the door, he asked anxiously: “Is Cao Cao dead?”Wang will listen to, be frightened, turn around and walk, and talk chi chi ran less than half an hour, came to the headquarters of the imperial Army, and the commander Yan Kuang a starting point of more than two thousand imperial army, slaying the sword to kill a hui Ma qiang, without much trouble, three and five will gibbon and others all down and cut.The fourth time took place in 219, as the prime minister of the State of Wei was following wei Yan in his mansion. Seeing Cao Cao’s army attacking Hanzhong in the west and not returning, he organized several of his friends and contacted Chen Yi, the wei commander of Changle, to seize Ye County by taking advantage of the deficiency.However, before taking action, Chen Yi went back on his word, and cao PI, who was left in Yecheng, took over at one stroke, while Wei Xian and several other friends were killed.Of the four coups against Cao Cao, the first two and the last were all near misses, or failed coups, and only the third one posed a real threat to Cao Cao or his group.Fortunately, Cao Cao was not there. If Cao Cao stayed in the prime Minister’s house that night, he would probably be the ghost of Gibbon and others.If so, the Wei of The Three Kingdoms may cease to exist.At this time, Guan Yu of Jingzhou is eyeing xiangyang and Fancheng occupied by Cao’s army.If Cao Cao was killed and Gibbon and others hijacked Emperor Xian of Han to cast the vote, Guan Yu would probably take xiangyang and Fancheng at the moment of leaderless, and then take the victory to Xuchang with the son of Heaven.In this way, even if Xu Chang could not be taken over, the foundation of Cao Wei clique would be shaken — either by betraying his family or retreating to Yecheng, it would become a shrunken local separatist regime, and Liu Bei might take advantage of it and replace Cao Wei as the leader of the world.Even if cao Cao could not be killed but was abducted to Jingzhou, Cao Cao would lose his orthodox position and political advantage and become a puppet regime not recognized by the central government, which would surely profoundly affect and even disrupt the development process of Cao Wei group.And Sun Quan group, especially Liu Bei Group will be able to develop and grow.Unfortunately, the coup that nearly changed the pattern of the three countries did not succeed, why?For one thing, lack of experience.That is, the organizers or leaders of the coup are all civilian officials, and they are all middle and lower level officials in charge of health and logistics.What did he do? What was he responsible for? What was he responsible for? What was he responsible for?In other words, the four men had neither political experience nor military leadership experience, and all they had was a single heart that determined the fate of the coup — which was bound to fail.Second, poor planning.From the whole process of the coup, a precise and feasible roadmap was not developed before the coup, which led to a series of mistakes.For example, one of the main purposes of the coup was to kill Cao Cao.The second purpose was to hijack Emperor Xian of Han, but before the coup did not arrange the necessary personnel and troops to contact or action in the palace.The third purpose was to go to Guan Yu after the success, but did not send people to guan Yu in advance to contact.If we can contact guan Yu in advance and then cooperate with him, the probability of success will undoubtedly be greatly improved.The worst thing is to allow the king to run away without taking the necessary follow-up action – to chase him down and kill him – after wounding him.As a result, Wang Bi managed to escape, drawing the imperial guard, killing himself and ultimately losing the battle.Three, the enemy is on guard.In other words, after the first and second coups, Cao Cao seldom stayed in Xuchang, except when he had to come, he stayed in yecheng, the capital of wei, his fief.That leaves gibbon and others with no chance.Moreover, although Cao Cao was hiding in Yecheng, he did not relax his defense of Xuchang at all.When Cao Cao welcomed Emperor Xian of The Han Dynasty to Xuchang, he arranged an army of nearly ten thousand soldiers in the city to take charge of the security of xuchang.At the same time, Cao Cao stationed an elite army of 700 men inside and outside the palace to guard the emperor, which is why Wang Bi summoned more than 2,000 imperial guards in a short time.However, cao Cao did not expect that someone would dare to invade the prime Minister’s house to make trouble, so he did not arrange enough troops in the prime Minister’s house, leaving Gibbon and his men a chance to win.In addition, Cao Cao also arranged his henchmen to stay in Xuchang, one of the king will be cao Cao’s henchman.Wang Bi was the elder statesman of Cao Cao’s clique. He was loyal to Cao Cao and talented.Cao Cao once said to people, “The king must be the official when I wear thorns.Loyal and diligent, heart like stone, the country’s good officials also……Therefore, it has been appropriate to take the chief history as before.”It means that Wang Bi is my old vassal, loyal to me, and able to do things, so I make him my secretary general.Practice also proved that Cao Cao is really a fire eye, good at people.Wang Bi lived up to Cao Cao’s great trust and high expectations, and saved the “revolution” and the “Cao” at the critical moment.Author: Cong Zhongxiao, our guest author