Bayern!To join real Madrid without a visa openly lie and now want to dig old club main force

2022-07-30 0 By

During the national team match, Bayern management has not been idle.Led by Kahn club executives, and a number of Bayern main force began to negotiate a new contract.That includes Gnaburi, whose contract expires next summer.However, according to the latest report from German journalist Falke, alaba, who joined Real Madrid on a visa-free basis last summer, is trying to persuade Gnaburi to leave bayern Munich and follow him to the Bernabeu.Once reported, Bayern fans thoroughly angry: at the beginning to join real Madrid openly lie, and now in turn to scoop up the old club!What a black eye!It all started last summer.According to the official announcement of Real Madrid, alaba will join as a free agent.Bayern fans have been calm about the move, having known for a long time that alaba wanted a move.However, alaba’s subsequent words made the originally calm Bayern fans fried.In an interview with the Spanish press, he declared that he decided to move to Real Madrid after receiving no offer from Bayern.How could bayern not have made him an offer, given the fact that many senior managers have publicly declared that they are “trying to keep Araba”?It was alaba’s asking price that led bayern management to give up.Who would have thought that araba turned the pot on bayern management.Less than a bayern fans very angry, think alaba is second only to Ballack’s Wolf.Perhaps sensing the anger he provoked, Alaba took a long break from training and playing seriously at Real Madrid.Not only that, when asked by the media about the old team are also friendly.Slowly, the bayern fans’ anger dissipated.I thought I was done with this one, but araba did it again.Seeing former teammate Genabry has not yet signed a contract with Bayern, he actually moved the idea of poaching.According to renowned journalist Falk, alaba tried to persuade Gnabry not to renew his contract at Bayern Munich and to follow his lead at Real Madrid.To be clear, Falk is not some tabloid journalist making up stories.In the Bundesliga, his information is very reliable, the equivalent of di Magzio and Romano in the Bundesliga.So, after reading falke’s report, Bayern fans are angry again: after joining Real Madrid last year to sell cheap, or not to receive bayern’s offer of a new contract.This time to help Real Madrid dig the corner of the old club, really let a person chill!