Kyrie goes 42+6 and Durant is a supporting player!The Nets ended their losing streak with 66 points from the rockets’ twin stars

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As the NBA regular season continued, the Nets snapped a two-game losing streak with a 118-105 home victory over the Houston Rockets.In the game, durant became the supporting role, his score is not high, shooting efficiency is low, but Owen it ushered in the explosion, he whole game 13, 24 shots on the perimeter shots into eight remember three points, played a very brilliant performance in the game, the data of personal 42 points 6 assists, after it is since he became a full-time player, the best one.With irving’s help, the Nets won at home to avoid a third straight loss.The Nets entered the game at a high tempo, and Irving was a strong presence on the court, hitting consecutive long-range 3-pointers to help the team take the lead.Irving, who scored 11 points on 4-of-7 shooting, was the nets’ most consistent offensive force in the first quarter, leading the Rockets by five points.Entering the second quarter, the Nets team ushered in a burst, young Brown in excellent condition, he made two shots from the outside, then also completed a cut layup, personal single quarter to 10 points.Irving had 11 points, one rebound, one assist and two more 3-pointers as the Nets outscored them 34-22 and outscored them by 12 points, led by Irving and Brown.At halftime, the Nets led by 17 points, a very large lead.The third quarter, the rockets potter stood up, when the team a big deficit, his outside shot is very accurate, and in the ball breakthrough has good performance, and draw fouls personal single section 13 points, helping the team in the game of the section back 1 minute, three end of the game, the rockets still 16 points behind.The Rockets used a quick 21-13 run in the final quarter to cut the lead to single digits.But the Nets were able to hold on to their lead as Irving hit another basket and Durant drew a foul on a free throw.The Nets were able to hold off the surging Rockets in the final minutes and hold on to their lead, snapping a losing streak at home.Durant was a supporting player with 18 points, nine rebounds and seven assists on 4-of-13 shooting, while Irving exploded with 42 points and six assists on 13-of-24 shooting and 8-of-16 3-pointers.Drummond had 10 points and 11 rebounds, Brown 15 points and Thomas 13.For the Rockets, Porter scored 36 points and no. 2 jaylen Green added another 30, his fifth straight 30-point game. He’s been great lately.The rockets combined for 66 points, but unfortunately, they still couldn’t help the team win.After a losing streak, the Nets finally found their winning form against the Rockets, and despite durant’s mediocre performance, It was irving’s best game since becoming a full-time player, and his individual performance was excellent.And other players, they also have a good performance, including Brown, Drummond and Thomas to become a good helper of the core side, they scored in double figures, this game the Nets 5 people scored in double figures, the overall performance is outstanding, which is the key to their victory.With this win, the Nets have three games to play against the Knicks, Cavaliers and Pacers on a relatively easy schedule, and if they play consistently, the team can hope to finish the regular season on a winning streak.