Man caught under car fire emergency rescue

2022-07-30 0 By

Rescue scene Lanzhou Evening News at 11:36 in the morning of April 7, Lanzhou city fire rescue detachment Qilihe brigade received a report, gongjiawan electric machine factory kindergarten near a man was involved in the bottom of the bus can not get out of the trap, the situation is unusual emergency.After receiving the alarm, Gong Jiawan fire station immediately dispatched a rescue vehicle, 8 commanders and fighters rushed to the scene.A fire and rescue investigation found the man was pinned against the front beam of the bus, with cuts to his head and bleeding.As the man was stuck under the car, there was not enough room to rescue him.Fire and rescue workers then used hydraulic jacks to raise the bus to gain space to rescue the trapped people, while using a hydraulic demolition kit for disposal.After nearly 10 minutes of emergency rescue, the fire and rescue personnel successfully rescued the trapped people from the car, and handed over to 120 for treatment.The man, who appeared to be riding under the influence of alcohol, hit the bus head-on from a blind spot and was swept under the bus.Lanzhou Daily media reporter Yi Xiaoming correspondent Chen Jinxian article/photo